Zimbabwe Essay Examples

Dance in Zimbabwe

This summer, I got the insane opportunity to travel all the way over to Africa and I explored the country of Zimbabwe with my family and safari guide Craig. While in Zimbabwe I learned so much about how different their culture is from ours, and I even learned a bit about their types of dancing…. View Article

Economic Crisis in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is currently facing the worst economic crisis in its history. The inflationary rates are in an all time high while unemployment rate is more than ninety percent. The current economic crisis has been caused by various factors which can be described as economical, social and political. The land reforms which were undertaken by the… View Article

Black Economic Empowerment and Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe

Indigenous Zimbabwean as defined in the National indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act refers to anyone who, before independence in April 1980, “was subjected to unfair discrimination [presumably in Zimbabwe] on the grounds of their race, and includes a descendant of such a person”. Thus indigenous Zimbabwean means any person who before 18 April 1980, was… View Article

Social Cultural and Economic Context of Zimbabwe

The fall of the Ian Smith led Rhodesian government led to Zimbabwe gaining its independence in 1980. The ZANU PF government led by then Prime Minister Mugabe of the ZANU PF party embraced a policy of national reconciliation between races in order to encourage amity, nation-building and economic growth between the country’s white minority and… View Article

Zimbabwean Film Industry

The film industry in any given country has an influence on the growth of the economy. However, the slow growth of the film Industry in Zimbabwe can be greatly attributed to the advancement of technology. In order for the indigenous film industry in Zimbabwe to produce quality films worthy of a global audience, there are… View Article