Young People´s Work Ethic – Then and Now Essay

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Young People´s Work Ethic – Then and Now

There is no doubt that good work ethics are essential to become a good employee. If you do not have good work ethics, then all the skills you bring to your job are of no importance. Anyway, is there a difference between young people´s work ethic then and now? On the outset, it must be considered that nowadays young people want an office with a secretary where they really do not have to do a thing. They do not want to have an exhausting job where they have to work with their hands. However, a lot of companies want dedicated workers, who love the job they do. Especially students see the job as a way to make some extra money. This makes the reliability, quality and service of the business very poor. It is very important to have a good attitude towards your job. Even the best employees have bad days, but you are not allowed to show it.

Apart from that, in former times, people knew if they want to get where they want, they must work hard. People worked full time and often had two or three jobs at once. The young people got the initiative and work ethics of their older predecessors. They treated their employer with dignity and respect and they arrived at work punctually. Furthermore, in former times success and hard work were more important than entertainment and personal pleasure. To sum up, I would say that young people´s work ethic has changed. In previous times they learned a good work ethic of their predecessors and they knew that they have to work hard to achieve their aims. Nowadays young people do not want to work hard. They only do the most necessary to struggle through life.

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