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Women Need An Extra Academic Degree to Achieve Equal Pay With Men Essay

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Women Need An Extra Academic Degree to Achieve Equal Pay With Men

Equal pay for women

In nowadays topic about equal pay for men and women becomes very sensitive, however, discussion about it had been started a long ago. During XX centuries, civil right in many countries became equal; women can vote, own property, work independently. While the goal of equal pay still should be achieved and protected by society.

Previously, high amount of physical works and lack of knowledge and skills ruled out equal payment for women. Workplaces were not equipped to support women; therefore, they couldn’t make the same amount of physical work as men. For example, stonework mostly was performed by men since they were able to carry high weighs and form stones. Another point, education wasn’t available for women and they couldn’t gain required skills for high paid jobs.

Many women couldn’t finish a school and universities were not even in their consideration, due to many reasons. Moreover, society was very conservative and has many prejudices about working women. For instance, the woman should be responsible for children’s growth and household maintaining, while a man should be responsible for earning money. Such terms almost isolated women from high pay jobs and in conscience payment were not equal.

Firstly, women and men are equal in rights in constitutions of many countries. Opinions that laws are too complex and can be avoided should not be taken into consideration. Since laws protect women from discrimination in job title, additionally, there are not spheres where women can’t work for now. For illustration, a woman can work as a train driver, while previously it was prohibited to work in this position. Social aspects also are changed, no one can tell that woman should stay at home. Women more and more involved in the decision-making process for society and their opinions influence both men and women lives. Moreover, women vote right makes possible for women support politics with law initiatives for equal pay. Such law provides the juridical base for equal payment situation. Such settings support women in their right to fair pay.

Secondly, education level is the same for women and men. Qualification, which was the case previously, now is completely equal between both genders. Children study together in same schools and universities and gain the same knowledge. Many universities report equal proportion between men and women. Another point processes on workplaces now more atomized and requires less physical power rather than intellectual engagement. For example, machinery can be operated by women, it gives a job opportunity on construction labor market. Same time, women can develop as a professional in the same way as men, access to licenses and qualification exams now open. Same certificates mean that persons are equal as professionals without a difference in gender. Those points illustrate that situation with pay should be considered more seriously.

There are countries which take this topic seriously and now they lead a rank of gender-equal society. “The leading four nations are Iceland (1), Norway (2), Finland (3) and Sweden (4)” [Cann]. However, some countries still have a problem “In Estonia, women earn almost 30% less than men, making it the largest gender pay gap in the European Union” [Luxton]. Improvement of this situation is very important since “The imbalance of the gender wage gap has a direct impact on global economics. As talented females struggle to thrive in the workforce, it affects a country’s ability to generate sustainable growth and create jobs” [Luxton]. Those facts illustrate that it’s a crucial thing for social development.

Finally, employers willing to have more satisfied women employee. As women are able to bring in companies different approach to decision making. In consequence, many companies hire more women on managerial positions. Even a one woman in board committees can change a way of discussion and keep the nonaggressive atmosphere. Some companies achieved it by establishing a gender quota. Additionally, working women monitor and protect their rights from discrimination. The self-protected system always has more chances to be more successful. Those benefits definitely show important of satisfied women as employees.

In conclusion, women have the same right, equal education, the importance for employers; therefore, they should be paid equally as men. Moreover, improvement in this topic a very important for any society, since it’s become very sensitive for all countries.

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