Why Does Proctor Go To Court with Mary in Act III? Essay

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Why Does Proctor Go To Court with Mary in Act III?

John Proctor goes to court to prove to the people that his wife Elizabeth is innocent and to reveal the truth between him and Abigail Williams. By doing so, Proctor is showing Elizabeth how much he loves her. Through going to court to confess his sins, John is prepared to die to save the mother of his children from being hung for witchcraft. He does the right thing, as he dies a martyr. It is the 17th century, time of the Salem witch hysteria.

Young Abigail Williams and a group of girls were caught in the forest practicing a love charm. The girls were seen dancing, performing witchcraft and some were even naked, all of which were forbidden in their Puritan Society. The punishments for these actions were harsh and brutal. Betty daughter of the minister was amongst the girls, what had happened shocked her and caused her to fall into a deep sleep, it was thought that the devil had entered Betty.

Abigail admitted to dancing in the forest but she said “Tituba conjured Ruth’s sister’s to come out of the grave”. All the witchcraft hysteria had now begun. John committed adultery with the housemaid Abigail. Elizabeth had her suspicions that were confirmed when John admitted to doing wrong. So Elizabeth had Abigail dismissed from her job. After Elizabeth had fired Abigail from her job as a housemaid, Mary was employed in Abigail’s place. Abigail hates Elizabeth because she wants John Proctor to be her lover.

Abigail is called a ‘lump of vanity’ by John Proctor during his speech in court. John Proctor had brought Mary Warren to court, as he wanted her to speak out that it was all a lie and what had gone on in the forest, “were pretence”. Mary was one of the girls from the forest who were expressing curiosity for the things their society wouldn’t allow for. John Proctor’s main reason for going to the court in his own words are “I-I would like to free my wife.

” John wanted Mary to go to court for many reasons; mainly he wanted to save Elizabeth from being hung but also to stop all the witch nonsense. John Proctor was believed not to be a good Christian because he did not go to church regularly, we know this as John says in court to Deputy-Governor Danforth that he detests Reverend Parris. Reverend Parris is a minister who is more concerned with his reputation than his daughter Betty, he also happens to be the uncle of Abigail.

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