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Why ban college football? Essay

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Why ban college football?

Why banned college football? That’s the real question. College football truly means something to most Americans! Most college football players don’t even get paid to play the sport. Though there are many good arguments and opinions about banning the sport; I have yet to see an argument that considers the players individual situations. All the people who are against keeping college football only consider the academic purposes. The players show their hard work, commitment, and devotion to the sport.

They play for the entertainment of Americans and talking it away would be a massive mistake. College football players don’t get a dime for there dedication to the sport. The young men that devote their time to play don’t get paid with money they get paid with an education. Young athletes benefit in the classroom from the sport every year. Some college football players don’t play for the fun of the game. Though many athletes love the sport some don’t have a choice because it’s their only way to get an education for the future.

College football is essential to the United States of America. Most people need to reconsider their choice in banning the sport. For example, banning college football is like banning candy from Americans. Of course you don’t actually have to have the candy but, like the sport it’s something majority of Americans want. The thought of banning the sport is a serious subject to countless Americans. If they were to decide to ban collage football they might as well ban the whole sport. There’s really no need in high school athletes to play football if there’s no future in it.

On the other end of it, if there’s no college football then there’s no purpose of having the National Football League (NFL). No high school student would truly be physically of mentally ready to come out of high school straight in the NFL. Considering the banning of the sport is absolutely ridiculous. Through the good and bad times of America college football has always been around. Most schools are complaining because of funds but in all reality bigger school make good profit off the game. Instead of considering the issue maybe they should view another college sport in certain schools and universities.

No offence, but most of the college budget issues don’t only come from football. Look at Cross Country for example; can you name five big name colleges cross country runners? Probably not. Therefore, instead of debating the issue of banning college football they should look at a less popular sport. In all conclusions, college football is important to the United States and probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The arguments and debates will continue but the sport means too much to Americans to just ban it.

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