Wholeness of society Essay

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Wholeness of society

Carlyle uses repetition, morals, and Biblical allusions to point his arguments towards philosophers, stressing the salutary benefits of work, and his very positive attitude of fending of idleness with the “weapon;” he denounces the rubble of human nature, praising work and conformity through his use of imagery. Innate man is portrayed as the chaotic jungles of the world, dangerously crouching toward the desert insanity. Though in our present day, man is given his individualism, Carlyle describes it as a curse.

It is pure “torment” which leads to worse unquenchable thirst to be satisfied. Only by the rich calling of society will man escape his sorrows and despair. Human nature was not built to work for itself; aspirations for its own personal satisfaction. On the contrary, Carlyle sees the selfish individual “draining off the sour festering water” into his own corrupted soul. The idea of materialistic and fortuitous gain is made implausible as the rupture caused in one’s life is made over by absurd consequences.

These are the means of redemption as well as conformity. The world as one has created a necessity to reach and ultimately obtain true satisfaction; Carlyle makes this clearly obvious that no one can be oblivious to this global aspiration. “Work” itself is elevated to the level of divinity, as it is called “sacred” and the only means to true “happiness. ” Human nature is known to form a kinship to the prosperity and comfort that results from wealth, yet none seek work with the fervor and passion it relies upon.

Man is born to work, thus any contrast leads to “perpetual despair. ” At birth man is ignorant but learns that through labor and the conformity into reality, “man perfects himself. ” The illusion of Christ’s resurrection is made through the sermon-like diction; for “it was been written”; that the purifying fire at work will only free the soul from their pity. “Blessed is he” who holds a “life purpose” and becomes noble towards the standards of society; for only then can man become pure and stable.

Through work, individualism is thus destroyed and ignoble the tyrant. For only them will knowledge be “held good” and finally contain the harvest of darkness will bring more satisfaction than the heaps of wisdom, for the life will only be filled with despair. Through and abundant array of biblical allusions and the descriptive imagery to portray the spoils of individualism and the consequences of ignorance, Carlyle praises conformity and those whose life purpose is to benefit the wholeness of society.

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