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What do we learn of Dickens as a Writer? Essay

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What do we learn of Dickens as a Writer?

In my essay I’m going to be learning about what Dickens is like as a writer. I will be looking closely at two extracts in the novel, Great Expectations. The first extract will be where Pip meets Magwitch in the graveyard and the second extract is when Pip meets miss Havisham for the first time. Magwitch is one of the main characters, as we find out in the story, but we first meet him first in chapter 1, when pip is in the churchyard. Pip, also a main character, who is an orphan, is walking through a remote churchyard to see his family’s grave on Christmas Eve.

He is then grabbed by “a man with no hat,” this shows that he wasn’t a gentleman because during the Victorian era, all gentlemen wore top hats, ” with a great iron on his leg”. This suggests that he is a convict running from the police. Magwitch also has broken shoes, covered in water, suggesting that he’s been out in the open for a long-time. Miss Havisham is another character in the story that changes Pips future. She wears “rich materials,” this implies she is rich with wealthy possessions.

“Satin and lace, and silk all of white,” these materials are associated with wealthy people because it was very expensive to purchase that sort of material. She is wearing “a long white veil dependent from her hair” and “she had bridal flowers,” this definitely tells me she is in wedding attire. Dickens has made Miss Havisham sound very unusual because when we first meet her she is in white wedding clothes. This is weird because her name is Miss Havisham, which means that she isn’t married as yet.

When pip gets closer he realises that the “dress had withered,” just like the bridge. What I also find weird about Miss Havisham is the description of her eyes, ” sunken eyes”. This is usually the appearance on an older person. ” The dress had been upon the rounded figure of a young woman, and that figure upon which it now hung loose had shrunk to skin and bone. ” I think this is showing that she had been wearing the dress for a very long time and she had lost weight and had become weak.

Dickens then writes about how Miss Havisham reminds him of a ” ghastly waxwork at the fair,” and “skeleton in the ashes of a rich dress. ” But what makes it even scarier, is that Miss Havisham reminds him of death but is alive with “dark eyes that moved,” in the eyes of a child this would scare almost anybody. This makes her sound unusual, almost like a corpse. Dickens in this story describes the surrounding area before we meet the characters involved.

As in chapter Chapter 1, Dickens describes The surrounding area through a child eyes, ” our country, down by the river, within, as the river wound, twenty miles of sea. ” This shows they were pretty close to the coastal area, “dead and buried,” shows that this place is very quiet and nobody goes there, perhaps not many habitants. “Savage liar! ” I thing this is Dickens is trying to write as a child because liar is put with monsters in fairytales.

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