War Essay Topics

The Second World War

I chose to do the scene in which Mr. Birling sacks Eva Smith. It is set in August 1912, and written shortly after the Second World War, many things then were different to how they are now and people had different priorities. Their clothing has changed greatly over the last century. I chose to dress in… View Article

World War one

Hobsons choice is set in the 18th century in the country side of Lancashire.Hobson’schoice was written when Harold Brighouse was home from the “break out in World War one” Harold brigouse was a member of the school of dramatists. The title means to have no choice at all. It came around by a man called Hobson.Brighouse got… View Article

Owen’s war poetry

It is a widely acknowledged truth that war is contemptible and cruel, but it takes the poetic opulence and the lively experience of the war to effectively convey one’s strong attitude against the reality of war. With his frequent use of contrast, para-rhyme and vivid imagery especially of blood and light in his collection of… View Article

How economically smart war is

War has been a part of the lives of people since history began. People have battled over different things, ranging from roaming rounds in prehistoric times to control of the world in present day. This essay will analyze how economically smart war is, specifically World War I, from the view of the United States of… View Article

Just War Theory

The Just War theory consists of 6 rules, which have to be obeyed when fighting at war against another country. The six rules are that war must be a last resort, those who are attacked deserve it, promote good over evil, the right amount of force must be applied, civilian death have to be avoided… View Article

The Meaninglessness of War

Fearful, bloody, psychological death, depression, pain, agony, and suffering all describe warfare. In history, trench warfare had been seen in what is known as the Great War. World War I, as people refer to it today, went on from 1914 to 1918 while changing the political landscape of Europe. World War I brought new weapons… View Article

A Man Defined by War

Similar to many authors during the early part of the 20th century, Ernest Hemingway uses his first hand experience to write meticulous novels conveying his struggles. Hemingway’s efforts are recorded using new techniques not yet seen before. Hemingway, the author of the celebrated “A Farwell To Arms,” incorporates meaningful diction, imagery, and syntax in Book… View Article

First World War

I have focussed my monologue on the character of Sheila Birling. Her role in the play was significant as it is coming from the point of view of a young, upper class woman. Her na�ve views represent her role as an authoritative figure in society who has the ability to help Eva Smith, but her… View Article

Second World War

Through this, Priestley has used the Inspector to show that no one can live their life in the sole aim to please themselves and that eventually, sharing (a form of equality) has to be done, even if it is with such an intimate feeling as guilt. This ‘sharing’ is one of the basic elements of… View Article

War should always be avoided. Do you agree?

I disagree with the statement that war should always be avoided because war is usually the last resort and is only done after a long amount of thought and consideration. Wars can sometimes be essential for fighting against oppression and unfairness. This means that if a war was not waged then the people who live… View Article

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Since the start of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” on 20th of March 2003, the media coverage of this event in traditional and new media has been both intensive and pervasive. The issue of whether the war is justified and of whether Saddam Hussein had indeed violated the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441 by possessing weapons… View Article

Compare war poems

Many terrible things happened in World War 1 or the Great War. For me one of the main points were the injustice of it all, how the officer class treated the young ordinary soldiers, mostly from the working class, I have chosen two poems by Siegfried Sassoon which pick up on these themes “Base Details”… View Article

The Start Of World War Two

Evacuation for many people was a mixed experience; you had you either ended up in a comfortable environment (rare) or you ended up with not the best of times. But the questions is not whether evacuees enjoyed their experience, it is a case of why they were evacuated. In this piece of writing I am… View Article

The Second World War

Explain the differing reactions of British people to the policy of evacuating children during the Second World War. It is widely believed that the evacuation process of the Second World War was not only successful, but for those involved the time was thoroughly enjoyed. This in fact was not always the case. The reactions of… View Article

The success of the Nationalist cause in the Spanish Civil War

The success of the Nationalist cause in the Spanish Civil War was due primarily to the help it received from its foreign allies: For what reasons would you agree or disagree with this statement? A snapshot of 1936-1939: Britain and France tiptoe around Italy’s conquest of Abyssinia and their second conquest of the football World… View Article