Voting Essay Topics

The Importance of Voting in the American System

A single vote may seem insignificant among a million other votes. But what if every American citizen thinks that their vote would not matter and decides not to vote? The answer is simple! No one would get elected. In a democratic society such as America, it follows that the people applies the concept of majority… View Article

Political parties and Voting Behavior

Thesis: What are the predominant political factors that affect the voting behavior of a population ? Hypothesis : Pluralism, ideology, religion and social factors are the predominant political factors that affect the voting behavior of the population. Introduction : Pluralism in voting population is a natural phenomena in European and American cosmopolitan societies . Elsewhere,… View Article

There should be voter ID in all states

The introduction of voter IDs nation-wide is an issue long overdue. That the American voting system is in need of reform became apparent with the glitches in the 2000 presidential election, and exploration of issues to be addressed has returned one important matter: the need to address the possibility of election fraud. While some states… View Article

Presidential Electoral System

The Presidential Electoral System of the United States is one that is unique among the electoral systems of nations all over the world as it breaks down into separate elections of each federal state – 51 – which is then integrated to determine the winning candidate.  Members of the Electoral College are tasked to select… View Article

The 2008 Presidential Election. . . Who Will I vote?

Not every citizen has the freedom to choose a person whom he or she thinks is capable of leading an entire country. Suffrage is defined as the civil right to vote. “In most democracies, citizens or subjects above the voting age can normally vote in its elections. It came from the Latin word suffragium, meaning… View Article

How Has Voting Changed Over Time?

Over time, as America promoted greater civil liberties for all of its citizens, voting rights have also undergone change. When the United States was formed, citizens with voting rights were mainly Caucasian males. African American males that were freed could vote also, but slaves however, were considered property and could not vote. States could administer… View Article

Low Voter Turnout

SUMMARY OF ARTICLE: The article was written in 1992, basically saying that the fight over ideologies was done, cold war was over, and we were ending the 20th century with America on top. Compare that to today, we compete with China, and Washington fights over ideologies are the greatest they’ve ever been. It’s beneficial for… View Article

Do Negative Campaign Ads Mobilize or Demobilize voters?

The rise of negative campaign ads have had a dramatic effect on political campaigns and have given rise to the debate of whether or not negative ads or attack ads mobilize voters or do these ads demobilize the American electorate? Negative campaign ads through the stimulation hypothesis have an invigorating effect on the electorate and… View Article

Automated Election

I. Introduction The Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) or Optical Mark Reader (OMR) technology system adopted by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) under the present political conditions and capability of the nation’s election manager, the Comelec, will make the whole electoral process bereft of credibility, transparency, or voter participation. With no electronic technology being invented… View Article

American cities in the late 19th and early 20th century

In the late 19th and early 20th century, American cities faced challenges which arose from the effects of industrialization and urbanization. During this time, three groups were active to do what they thought was best for themselves and society. These groups were immigrants, political machines, and reformers. Political Machines put an effect on the government… View Article

Lowering the Voting Age to 16

A debate that has seemed to become more popular in the past couple of years is the voting age n the United States, and whether it should be lowered to 16. Many teenagers across the nation have reached out and tried to bigot to help get the subject some attention and get those in the… View Article

How to Vote in an Automated Election

The Philippines is a developing country. One of the proofs of these developments is the transformation from manual to automated election. New and old voters might have a little information or even nothing at all about this high technology used for the elections. Hopefully, this guide on how to vote in an automated election will… View Article

Low Turnout of American Voters

America’s voting system is in dire need of changes. Is this because American voters do not care about who is running? Why is it that when election time comes around the middle and lower class feel like they are nothing? Is this due to the fact that they cannot afford to take off work to… View Article

Manual System or Automated Election System

Elections have played an integral role in the development of one’s country. Essentially, an election is a procedure by which members of communities and/or organizations choose persons to hold an office. It is a technique of rendering authority and/or creating representative bodies. Elections are often linked to the idea of democratic representation. Therefore, an election… View Article

Dimaporo V Hret

This is a petition brought by Congressman Dimaporo seeking to nullify the twin Resolutions of the HRET which denied his Motion for Technical Evaluation of the Thumbmarks and Signatures Affixed in the Voters Registration Records and Motion for Reconsideration of Resolution Denying the Motion for Technical Examination of Voting Records. Pursuant to the 1998 HRET… View Article