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Resistance of a Wire Coursework

I have been asked to find out what affects the resistance of a wire. I have decided to go about this by seeing how changing the length of a wire affects the resistance. One of the first things I have to do is select which wire I am going to carry the experiment out on…. View Article

Physical – Circuit

Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps)Length (centimetres) Voltage (Volts) Current (amps) Resistance (? )  As the table shows above, the resistance of the length 5cm and 10cm were equal, and then it suddenly decreases. This shows there’s an error; I think it happened because we didn’t set… View Article

The resistance in a piece of wire

Also if the atoms in the material are more closely packed then the electrons will have more frequent collisions and the resistance will increase. I will use Nichrome only. 4 Density of wire- In a higher density wire there will be a higher resistance because there will be more fixed ions and more collisions. 5… View Article

Clean manner

This is the part of my coursework where I am going to plan an experiment that I am to analyse for my work. What we are going to do is to investigate the affects or the variables have on different lengths of constantan wire. I am going to use different lengths which will provide me… View Article

The resistance of a piece of wire

To experiment whether the length of a piece of Nichrome wire affects the resistance in a circuit containing two batteries, a voltmeter, and an amp meter. Equipment List: –  7 x connector wires  1 x nichrome wire at varied lengths 2 x 9V Battery  1 x Variable Resistor  1 x Ammeter  1 x Voltmeter Method:… View Article

Of a wire varies with length

“The resistance and length of a wire are directly proportional. The longer the wire the greater the resistance. If you double the length of the wire then you double the resistance across it. This is because s the wire becomes longer, the ‘electrical slope’ (potential difference) across a given length becomes less steep. As the… View Article

Certain unknown wire

To find out how resistivity changes as the length of wire is changed, and to find out the resistivity of a certain unknown wire. Equipment  Power Pack Ammeter Voltmeter  Crocodile clips  Wire  Metre rule Thermometer Method 1. Measure the diameter of wire using a micrometer, taking measurements in 3 different places along wire and take… View Article