Volkswagen Essay Topics

Supply Chain Analysis at Volkswagen of America

The article “Supply Chain Analysis at Volkswagen of America” gives a review about the existing distribution system of Volkswagen of America and also specifies the opportunities for changes with significant savings. The article was written by two external consultants who were participants in the study on how to reengineer the distribution process at Volkswagen of… View Article

International Business: Volkswagen

The foundation of Volkswagen dates back to the Third Reich. For the opening of the international automobile show in Berlin 1934, Adolf Hitler demanded the development of a car which should be priced at a maximum price of 1000 Reichsmark and thus remain affordable for the average citizen. This car should be named ‘Car of… View Article

Project Volkswagen

The present paper is the case study of the Volkswagen New Beetle from the marketing perspective. The thesis will analyze the product concept, and examine the New Beetle in terms of the concept in question. The purpose of the paper is to identify the issues in the application of theory with regard to the New… View Article

Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group, one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world, has been on an impressive incline in the market with a continuous rapid international expansion. Unlike other reigning companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation and General Motors, Volkswagen was on the brink of failure after a long period of mediocrity. After years of continuous… View Article

Volkswagen AG

Case Abstract Volkswagen AG is the world’s leading automobile company, headquartered in Germany. During the recession, when other competitors lost dramatically, Volkswagen utilized excellent strategic planning to survive through the recession and earn profits. By expanding the business in the emerging market like China and Brazil, the company proved the strong growth, even outperformed other… View Article