Virtual reality Essay Topics

Virtual simulation in business

Management games (or business simulations) have been finding favour in business education in recent years. Business simulations that incorporate a dynamic model enable experimentation with business strategies in a risk free environment and provide a useful extension to case study discussions. training sessions anytime and anyplace on a global basis. • Faster time to insight… View Article

Virtual simulation

Virtual simulation is used for interventional procedure hands-on training such as providing a realistic virtual and tactile feedback with the use of a three dimensional scan of a patient’s anatomy (Massat, 2005, p. 44). Virtual simulation that allows the medical student or a practicing physician to interact with an image on a screen using artificial… View Article

Virtual simulation in military training

Virtual simulation provides a safe and effective way of training soldiers and military personnel in a given environment by fully simulating real equipment and real conditions. According to (Smith, 2007, p. 1), the military has been using and developing simulation technologies for several decades. Military simulations, or war games as they are commonly called, allow… View Article

Virtual Classroom

In the rapidly changing way that information exchange takes place during our times, the Virtual Classroom Information System, or simply Virtual Classroom, demonstrates very effectively that technology can be explored and utilized to make new ways to do old things, and at the same time be more efficient in doing it. The Virtual Classroom is… View Article

Virtual and Augmented Realities Are Distinctively Different

Abstract The following assignment is a conclusion of answers to questions located in Chapters 11 and 12 in our text; Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, (12th Edition), by Kenneth C. Laudon and Jane P. Laudon. The case studies are varied and entitled, “Reality Gets Better”, Chap. 11, p, 429; “The Flash Crash: Machines… View Article

Perception and Reality in Existenz

For me, eXistenZ is a film that is fairly confusing at best. If I’m not mistaken the film was released before The Matrix and had the same concept for the world the characters resided. A computer generated world inside the real world. In eXistenZ the protagonists start off in a room, they are about to… View Article

Business and Support Systems

The following paper answers questions on three different case studies. The case studies are Reality Gets Better, The Flash Crash: Machines Gone Wild and Piloting Valero with Real-Time Management. Case Study 1: Reality Gets Better The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality is perception. Virtual reality is when a user totally enters a different… View Article

Virtual Reality

I have chosen to research virtualization and the top benefits of this very topic. In doing so, I will detail topics such as the cloud, older applications, improved disaster recovery, and faster server provisions. I will utilize resources from the textbook, LIRN, and the Internet. Data center virtualization can reduce your costs on facilities, power,… View Article

Virtual Meetings: Smart Management

* What are the advantages of using videoconferencing technologies? What are the disadvantages? * What is telepresence and what sorts of companies are best suited to use it as a communications tool? * What kinds of companies could benefit from using videoconferencing? Are there any companies that might not derive any benefits from this technology?… View Article

Technical Description

The Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer is primarily a headset that user wear to immerse their selves in a cinema-like experience right before user eyes. Is one of the best 3D displays on the market, using OLED technology, the headset is capable of deep black levels, and both in 2D or 3D imaging have amazing… View Article

Virtual reality environments for geographic visualisation

Today a wide variety of virtual worlds, cities and gaming environments exist and become part of life of their human inhabitants (Borner et al 2005). Navigation is playing an increasingly important role in virtual environments (VE). Today virtual worlds are very large and present challenging navigation tasks. According to MacEachren et al (1999), virtual environment… View Article

Informative Speech Oculus Rift

I. Introduction a. According to entertainment software association gaming is a 10.5 billion dollar industry that has influenced the lives of 62% of Americans. This growing industry involves more men & women to play in the variety of new developing consoles and handheld devices. With all these new consoles and games, the introduction of many… View Article