Vietnamese Essay Topics

Source based questions on the Vietnam war 1960

According to source G, results of opinion polls in the USA in the 1960s Vietnam was one of the most important problems facing the USA. This also shows in source F because 64% of people said television coverage made them want to back the boys in Vietnam while 26% felt moved to oppose the war…. View Article

Intellectual property

What is intellectual property? “To give an identification means to understand”,- said an ancient philosopher. So, usually we understand intellectual property as totality of rights for results of intellectual activity (works, phonograms, inventions, etc) and means of individualization (trade marks, company name, etc). Objects of intellectual property often divide into several groups: 1) objects of… View Article

History of Vietnamese

According to research findings, the history of Vietnam can be traced back to four thousand years. It is evident that this nation was under the rule of China between the periods 111BC to the beginning of the tenth century. This nation is known to have gained sovereignty early years of the 10th century. During the… View Article

Vietnamese Writing System

A pgonemic system with borrowings from Chinese logographs, the modern Vietnamese writing system is a 17th century reformed Latin alphabet known as quoc ngu (“Conlang,” 2007). The present system was developed by the Portuguese missionaries in Vietnam (“The Vietnamese,” 2006). The system has penetrated all walks of life and today is the dominant writing system… View Article

What is the main argument of this book?

The main argument of Duong Van M Elliot’s 2000 The Sacred Willow: Four Generations in the Life of a Vietnamese Family book is that the Vietnam people experienced untold suffering and trials during the time of communist rule. It also contains the myths that are found within the Vietnamese traditions presented in the English language…. View Article