Vietnam Essay Topics

How far do you agree?

I do not agree to this statement to a certain extent. There are multiple examples of USA failing because of their own unpopular tactics did affect them a little. The Vietnam’s guerrilla tactics were based on sabotage and sudden ambustion. For example, raiding enemies camp site, retreat when enemy attack, attack when enemy is tired… View Article

American reactions to the vietnam war

It contains broad coverage regarding what happened in the demonstration and the reaction of the construction workers to the war. But it fails to provide wider coverage to America’s reaction as a whole, as it only explores one event, from a certain group, which were only a small minority of the American population. It provides… View Article

The Role and Importance of the Media in Vietnam

1-Introduction I will not try to deal in this essay with the media’s coverage of the Vietnam war. That would be impossible, if not because of the sheer volume of information, coming from one news agency only, because of the diversity of information and not seldom the contradictory facts different reporters and news agencies present…. View Article

The Vietcong against the US military

To what extent can it be argued that the use of guerilla warfare tactics by the Vietcong against the US military was the key factor in explaining the American lack of success in the Vietnam War? The Vietnam War has been regarded with much controversy – both during the War, and after its conclusion in… View Article

How useful are sources A to C

In this essay I will assess the usefulness of sources A to C in determining the reasoning for American involvement in the Vietnamese war. Source A is reasonably useful in shoeing how the U. S government wanted the general public to view them and their reasoning for the country’s actions in Vietnam. Although source A… View Article

Vietnam War

In 1954, Vietnam brutally defeated France in the battle of Dien Bien Phu, thus ending a nine year war. The US had supported France under the policy of containment, and began their involvement in Vietnam. As the United States got progressively more involved, it got worse and worse, and eventually turned into what is now… View Article

Buddhist schools

The earliest and the most basic form of schools were Theravada and Mahayana which have been derived from the basic teachings of Buddha. These are actually same teachings but with different interpretations. Both of them have Dharma which is the basic teaching of Buddha. Both of these schools have some animosity between them. All the… View Article

Phases of vietnamese buddhism

The history of Buddhist education in Vietnam can be studied by dividing it into four separate phases or periods. – The formation of Buddhism in Vietnam. This started from the common era and lasted till the end of Chinese dominion – Climax of Buddhism. Buddhism was at its peak during the independence – The decadence… View Article

Women in Vietnam

In Vietnam, women were encouraged to serve within the government and other sectors within the state. Unlike in other countries where women are stereotyped as being weak, in Vietnam, it was different. (Insun, p47-p56) Women were treated as equals. They were given the same positions as those ones of women and were given the same… View Article

Is Iraq another Vietnam?

In my opinion, Iraq can be said to be another Vietnam in that there are so many similarities. The war in Iraq quickly became a guerrilla war just like the Vietnam War where battle grounds were jungles and small rural hamlets. This was the anti-thesis of a set piece battle type of warfare the military… View Article

The Kissnger Qiestion

The Vietnam War resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million to 3 million Vietnamese and other Indochinese and 58,000 Americans. It was the catalyst for Richard Nixon’s self-induced disgrace. Henry Kissinger played a pivotal role in guiding America’s foreign policy as the war torn nation reeled under the loss of one president to assassination and… View Article

The Tet Offensive

The Tet Offensive is often referred to as the turning point of the Vietnam War where the war’s momentum would shift towards the North Vietnamese. This is not necessarily accurate as critical errors on Johnson and, to a greater extent, McNamara’s part early in the conflict would make victory next to impossible. However, it is… View Article

The Vietnam War during Nixon presidential from 1969-1973

The Vietnam War is classified as one of the hardest wars that American found itself embroiled in.  Of the three presidents that reigned during its course Nixon turned out to be the hardest hit.  Nevertheless through various strategies the president was able to find the solution to the whole problem albeit after a series of… View Article

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is a conflict with Vietnamese against itself, North Vietnam or the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, wherein the Americans got involved mistakenly and honorably. (see Wikipedia) It is an effort to unify Vietnam into a single state. But then it is considered as… View Article