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Victorian society Essay Examples

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Mary Wollstonecraft and The Importance of Being Earnest

Mary Wollstonecraft would have found in the witty comedy The Importance of Being Earnest a small vindication of her ideologies. Wilde touched on many issues that Mary Wollstonecraft herself had strong opinions on, such as, primarily, equality in society, including related concepts such as marriage, social responsibility, sexuality and gender roles, and independence. Wollstonecraft had…

The Importance of Being Earnest Criticizes the Victorian Society

In The Importance of Being Earnest, author Oscar Wilde criticizes the Victorian society. His characters represent the Victorian era and have twisted views on issues regarding intense emotions such as love and marriage. They do not fully appreciate these concepts and either disregard them or confuse them with emotions that lack depth. Wilde depicts his…

Oscar Wilde Constanly Mocks Victorian Society

Act III offers happy resolution to the problems of identity and marriage that drive much of the humor in the previous acts. Wilde continues to mock the social customs and attitudes of the aristocratic class. He relentlessly attacks their values, views on marriage and respectability, sexual attitudes, and concern for stability in the social structure….



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Victorian society

The Importance of Being Earnest, subtitled, A Trivial Comedy for Serious People is a comedy of manners whereby Oscar Wilde rebukes the Victorian aristocracy for their social issues that seemingly prioritise the most trivial of things such as style and appearance above those of true significance such as. Wilde further achieves this by incorporating elements…

Children in Victorian society

Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812. He lived a happy childhood. Everything was fine until 1824 when Dickens was 12 his father, John Dickens was sent to Marshalsea prison for debt. Dickens was put to work in the Warners blacking factory. When John Dickens left prison Dickens was told by his mother to…

Victorian society

Dickens characters are larger than life some would say they are caricatures. Choose three characters and explore dickens presentation of them. What does each one suggest about Victorian society? Estella is one of my favourite characters. She is very proud of herself but also very cruel particularly to pip. The second character chosen is Pip….

Victorian society

How does Arthur Conen Doyle manipulate the conventions of the genre and an audiences expectations and deliver the moral messages that Victorian society would have expected? The two stories that I have studied, ‘The Man with the twisted lip’ and ‘the adventure of the Speckled Band’ are both written by the author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…

Victorian society

Dickens concentrates on using emotive language throughout this chapter. He does this to encourage the reader to empathise and sympathise with Oliver. For example, “wretched…. little companions in misery…. the only friends he had ever known. ” And also “reckless with misery” these quotations emphasise just how wretched and awful Oliver’s childhood must have been….

Victorian society and life style

This essay uses A Conan Doyle interpretation of three cases in ‘the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’, to demonstrate how language, setting, characterisation and the role of the women reflects different aspects of Victorian society and life style. A Conan Doyle uses typical language that is relevant for the Victorian period. In each of the cases, we…

How did the ‘Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde appeal to the collective consciousness of Victorian Society

In the Victorian Era many people were indeed superstitious of various issues that were classified by class, for example, becoming drunk would not be considered as normal, or as proper, with people from the upper classes; whereas with people from lower or working class this would have been deemed a standard activity and most likely…

Victorian Society in The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a Horror story written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The novella explores the divided nature of human personality and Victorian society by telling the story of a respectable gentleman named Dr Jekyll, who devolves into a beast by the name of Mr Hyde. The dominant theme…

Reflect Victorian Society and Culture in the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In this essay I will be exploring the ways in which Robert Louis Stevenson portrays and reflects the society into which his novelette, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was initially introduced. To do this I will explore setting, language and form within the novel. There are also a number of themes…

Can Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde be seen as a commentary on Victorian Society?

In the Victorian times of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, keeping an impeccable image and social profile is of great concern to upper middle-class professionals. But behind the strict rules of their society lie desire, temptation and curiosity. Robert Louis Stevenson focuses on three professionals, two doctors and a lawyer, who are representative of this…

Victorian Society

In the novel Hard Times, Dickens reveals the Victorian Society as apathetic, harsh and depressing. Both the environment and characters are shown to be dark, dull and drab. Dickens uses a variety of techniques to show these. I am going to explore several issues from Dickens’s point of view on Victorian Society, including education, marriage,…

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