Victorian era Essay Topics

The Victorians would

This is another diminishing aspect of Reseck’s character that the author exposes to his readers and in order to explore this further Chandler uses Tony’s brother Al. The brother’s only appearance happens somewhere in the middle of the story when a porter at the hotel tells Tony that he has a visitor. The porter is… View Article

Victorian era

“The Hound Of The Baskervilles” is an intricate crime detective novel, which is a part of the classic British detective genre. It is set in romantic landscapes surrounded by more land giving the tale the perfect setting for supernatural behaviour. In association with the required Victorian taste, justice prevails at the end of the novel… View Article

Victorian audience

The concept of red herring’s is to create a lead or breakthrough in a case for the detective. These have been cleverly devised into the hound of the Baskervilles as there is one clearly visible in London at the beginning. This is the suspecting of Barrymore, Sir Charles butler. The true criminal poses as Barrymore… View Article

The Song of the old mother

“The Song of the Old Mother” is a poem set in the Victorian era. In those days working was expected more. From young ages children had to go out to work, so the mother expects help with housework from her daughters if she has any, and her sons to go out to work if she… View Article

Education in Victorian

Nowadays, people get educated easily although they are upper class, middle class or low class. Do people think why will they get educated easily? Is that a normally happen or some people made that happen? Education in Victorian Era was not normally. They don’t get educated like us, although the middle class people just get… View Article