Victorian Essay Topics

Victorian England

When Oliver reaches London he falls into the hands of Fagin who is likened to the devil by Dickens who upon Oliver’s first meeting is described to be wearing a red cloak and holding a fork in front of a fire, he then continues with a more frightening description, ‘whose villainous-looking and repulsive face was… View Article

The Victorian ideal

The Victorian ideal of womanhood is “The Angel in the house”. How does Dickens’ handle his female characters in Great Expectations and how do they relate to this ideal? Ben A 11wd In Great Expectations, there are a wide variety of curious and eccentric characters, but it seems that overall, there are significantly more “curious” female characters… View Article

Victorian society and life style

This essay uses A Conan Doyle interpretation of three cases in ‘the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’, to demonstrate how language, setting, characterisation and the role of the women reflects different aspects of Victorian society and life style. A Conan Doyle uses typical language that is relevant for the Victorian period. In each of the cases, we… View Article

Victorian childhood

Childhood has changed dramatically in the last 200 years. Life was hard and rough for working people in Britain at the end of the 19th century. From a very early age, children were expected to do all they could to help their parents, this was necessary in order for the family to survive. Life was… View Article

Victorian England

Chapter 1 established the convict as frightening but with a human side, and this is shown again in chapter 39. Magwitch returns to see Pip in chapter 39. Again Magwitch takes Pip by surprise and frightens him. Eventually Pip recognises him. “If the wind and the rain had driven away the intervening years…I could not… View Article

Supernatural undertone of the book

The fog is part of the moor’s ‘unknown vastness.’ You cannot easily tell how thick fog is, and in which direction it will move, which when applied to Hound of the Baskervilles brings a sense of uncontrollability, it is described as “dense, white fog.” The fog begins to come towards Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade in… View Article

The Victorian era

Magwitch’s reaction when Pip shows him where his mother immediately makes the reader feel sorry for him. “”Now then lookee here! ” said the man. “Where’s your mother? ” “There, sir,” Said I. He started, made a short run, and stopped and looked over his shoulder. ” Due to the fact he is making a… View Article

Victorian society

Dickens concentrates on using emotive language throughout this chapter. He does this to encourage the reader to empathise and sympathise with Oliver. For example, “wretched…. little companions in misery…. the only friends he had ever known. ” And also “reckless with misery” these quotations emphasise just how wretched and awful Oliver’s childhood must have been…. View Article

Victorian society

How does Arthur Conen Doyle manipulate the conventions of the genre and an audiences expectations and deliver the moral messages that Victorian society would have expected? The two stories that I have studied, ‘The Man with the twisted lip’ and ‘the adventure of the Speckled Band’ are both written by the author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle… View Article

Victorian times

In “The Speckled Band” we learn about daily life in Victorian times from the description of transport, clothes and houses. We also learn about Victorian society from the characters and their relationships with each other. From the beginning of the story we are told about the manner of which Holmes and Watson lived. . The author… View Article

The Victorian times

“Great Expectations” was written in the Victorian times, as a magazine serialization, by Charles Dickens in the years of 1860 and 1861. Great Expectations reflects the life of a young boy named Pip who is orphaned and taken by a blacksmith’s family. He grows up to become a gentleman, which is the main theme of… View Article

English society and lifestyles

He also demonstrates his strength by bending a fire poker in half, this proves that he is dangerous and willing to go to any length to get what he wants. Because of his butch, scary description in the first part of the story, he may come across and un-educated. He is actually very cunning, he… View Article

The Victorian world does Dickens evoke in the novel

What sort of a picture of the Victorian world does Dickens evoke in the novel? The first experience of Pip’s that Dickens shares with us is his first encounter with Magwitch, an escaped convict bound with those infamous iron chains around his legs that haunt Pip for an extensive part of the novel. It appears… View Article

Far from the madding crowd Assignment

Gabriel never really liked Troy, as he was able to win the woman that he loved without loving her in return. He feels as though Troy may have used Bathsheba to take over the farm. By meditating he allows himself to escape Troy’s world and to return to being himself. The only reason that the… View Article

William Preston

The Half-Brothers is a short, realist, tragedy story, that illustrates the hardships that the poorer people had to undergo in the late Victorian period especially the hardships faced by widows and some of those around them. I think that the purpose of the story other than to entertain the reader is more to make people… View Article