Veterans Support Essay

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Veterans Support

America needs to support the veterans and the active duty because of the important role they have played as far as the history of this nation is concerned. We owe these important men and women a lot such that we can take our lifetime repaying for the sacrifices they made for the sake of our beloved country. They performed their duties with the dedication that only tells of the love they have for this country. It is from such patriotic acts that the Americans ought to honor the people who have at one time or another been there for this country when needed most

In his speech during the second inauguration former United States President Abraham Lincoln called for the people of America to treat the veterans well. This was way back in 1865. One may ask, did the Americans heed Lincolns advise, to a great extent different people would give varying opinions as far as this subjects is concerned but all are in agreement that these people need to be treated with the respect they deserve. Lincoln was calling for the support of those who had borne and will bear the battle for the sake of America.

Treatment of these very important people changed greatly after the First World War. This was partly due to the pressure these people exerted to the authorities following the promises that had been made prior going to the war. America is today in the top league due to the dedication of our brothers and sisters who put their interests back and aimed at serving their nation with all their hearts. These people, for their love of this country put their lives on line so that they can see America prosper. We will forever be indebted to them and their families.

For the time that they live in this land we should reward them and make the rest of their lives enjoyable. Their families went through a lot of suffering when the brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers were out there fighting for this country. There are some great men and women who lost their lives in the course of the battle, the families concerned had to bear the loss of their loved ones. How else can we console these families other than supporting them and show that we appreciate the role their kins played for America.

There are several measures that have been put in place to ensure that the veterans enjoy the freedom they yearning for. The good things we enjoy today as a country should serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those ahead of us who were very keen in liberation of this country and later for the retention of our status once it has been threatened by the outside forces that were out to see us down. The veterans deserve all the respect and support from us as a country. President John F Kennedy once told the nation that we should ask what we can do for the nation not what the nation can do for us.

Truly these people knew exactly what they can do for the nation and did not wait to ask what the nation can do for them. It is the high time that the nation do to them what is expected. Making these people comfortable should be one of the paramount things that the government and the people of the United States should aim at. We as the citizens of this great nation courtesy of the veterans should make sure we make the obligation of paying towards the upkeep of these man and women. We can do this through paying our taxes on time so that the government can get the much needed resources to take care of its important citizens.

To serve in the army is a calling; it is a risky affair that many would not want to take. Being a soldier in the front line further complicates the matter, this is a dangerous position to serve, but the men and women whom we ought to honor put all the fears aside and focus towards winning for their country. The new bill which has been proposed by Senator Webb will ensure that the federal government steps up its effort towards supporting its citizens who have been at the military services for this nation.

This is a law which should have been there long time ago but better late than never. There is a general agreement that the benefits enjoyed by the veterans should be increased and the same should be transferable to the children and spouses. There are several other areas which should be further addressed to make the lives of our combat vets more comfortable. Issues such as education,welfare,healthcare and housing should be looked upon so that these people can feel proud for what they have done for their country. (Roche,John, 2006 56)

There are some states which have gone ahead and instituted some measures towards these endevours,Connecticut and New York are now offering a programme where the veterans enjoy some fre tuition from various state institutions. Several other states have passed laws that outlines what they offer to support these men and women It a laudable move that the states have gone ahead and recognized the role played by the veterans but a lot remains to be done. The great men and women usually swear to uphold the constituion of this nation a promise which they keep up to the end.

Therefore the government has a responsibility to play through recognition of nthe role played by the combat men and women. A country that does not forget its past will always prosper,this is what we should aim at. If we forget the role veterans have played for this nation we will be doomed as a nation as this will be tantamount to discarding the past,what has made us what we are. Through supporting the veterans and the active duty we will set a good precedent for this country. Many young and women will not shy away when called upon to serve this nation. They will go to the battle properly prepared and give their all for their nation.

We will be helping in instilling some sense of patriotism to the american citizens since they will be aware that while out their performing crucial duties for the motherland whatever the outcome they will not be abandoned,they will be honored for the great service delivered. (Roche,John, 2006 34) Through extension of the transfer services to the families of the concerned veterans we have helped in taking care of people who would have otherwise struggled to make the ends meets. This plays a part in consoling those who may have lost the breadwinners in the battle.

They would have wished to see their families lead better lives,therefore we will be fulfilling their wishes for a better future for the families they left behind. Supporting the veterans is part of building a strong foundation for this country and at the same time setting a good example where the other nations can use our model to establish and strenghten the same services. History will judge us harshly as a generation if we do not pressure the concerned authorities to increase the funding for the great men and women whom the future generations will always treasure as they will have in a way helped making their lives better.

It is the responsibility of every American citizen to see to it that they contribute to the noble cause either through honoring their tax obligation or making some generous contributions to the foundations set by and for the veterans. This is the only way that everyone of us will feel proud and at the same time help in rewarding the heroes of our nation.

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