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VARK Analysis Paper Essay

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VARK Analysis Paper

There are numerous methods used to determine learning styles. According to Zhou (2011), learning strategies are described as “ any sets of operations, steps, plans, routines used by the learner to facilitate the obtaining, storage, retrieval and use of information” (p, 10). VARK model is one of the most commonly used learning styles. It was developed by Neil Fleming in the year 1987. VARK is a questioner tool can assist people to improve their learning skill and the communication ability.

More over it saves time. It helps students who experienced difficulty in learning in the past. A learning style is, rather, a description of a process, or of preferences. Any inventory that encourages a learner to think about the way that he or she learns is a useful step towards understanding, and hence improving, learning” (Fleming, N. , & Baume, D. , 2006, p. 4). VARK classify the learning styles in to visual, auditory, reading, writing, kinesthetic and multi-model. This model emphasis on the best way for a student to learn and recollect new information based on sensory modality. VARK learning style inventory is brief and less time consuming.

Multimodal Learning Once the individual get an idea regarding their learning style it would help them to focus, process, recollect and absorb complex and new information. A recent study has found that approximately 60% of any population is multi-model learners (Jdental. org, 2011). A multimodal study approach is a technique used when an individual have more than one preference that is distinct. Multimodal learning preferences offer us varieties of approaches to use for our learning and for our interaction with others. Multimodal learner’s preferences opt to match or align their approach to the significant others around them.

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Having a multimodal preference for learning means that you have multiple strong points in aural, reading, and writing areas. Preferred Learning strategies Upon doing the VARK analysis I realized that I have a multi-model preference for learning that include reading, writing and auditory preferences. Multimodal learners like me often use more than one style for the communication and learning. They usually feel uncertain with only one method. The auditory method of learning includes information being verbalized or perceived. In this fast paced society, information is usually being communicated through speech.

An aural student understands the best via phone calls, speeches, lectures, face-to face conversations and group discussions. My strongest learning styles are reading and writing. I learn best by reading information in the textbooks, handouts, newspapers, Internet and then writing the material. By using this learning style, I can absorb and recollect the information even better rather than using a single style. I prefer reading newspaper than watching television. I always take notes when I read in order comprehend and memorize things.

Writing is the better way to keep track of my schedule. Referring to previous material like notes are useful in gaining a better understanding of key points and applying them to new information. Identified Learning Strategies and comparison According to Fleming (2011), “people with multimodal preferences have told us that it is often necessary for them to use more than one strategy for learning and communicating. They feel insecure with only one”(p, 4). My preferred reading and writing style matches with the recommended learning strategies under the VARK analysis.

However additional learning styles that I would like to apply to my current learning habits would be to create multiple-choice questions, and translate visual aids into written words. SWOT study has been offered by VARK, which is a Study without tears as an example. Few identified tools that would be helpful to assist my learning process are group discussions, memorize interesting learning topics by giving connections to real life stories, and translating notes in to learnable package by minimizing them.

Visual learning is another style of earning where individual learn from visual sources such as charts, displays, and graphs. Instead of using texts, they need the information to be broke down into pieces so it is easy to follow. They tend to highlight information in different colors that makes it easier for them to absorb and comprehend. As per me the visual mode of learning is rarely beneficial and there is no aspiration to pursue this style of learning. It has been recommended by VARK that I put plenty of examples in to the summary that help me to recollect complex learning topics.

I also practice kinesthetic learning strategy and no further changes to this preference in learning will be made. Although not every aspects of the identified learning strategy are being used, other crucial components are sufficient for me to satisfy an enhanced learning environment with a considerable level of success being displayed. Conclusion The V. A. R. K learning assessment tool appraises and describes the different learning styles such as verbal, auditory, read/write and kinesthetic. The V. A. R. K questionnaire tool is an ideal tool in understanding individual’s different styles of learning.

Encompassed strategies are very beneficial for a student to maximize the potential and fully appreciate an improved learning skill. It enhances the individual’s ability to identify possible barriers to learning and make the individual capable of making corrections to the learning styles appropriately. Even though I have recognized the fact that I scored as having a combination of the above addressed learning styles, I identified that my preferred learning style as reading and writing, and suggested strategies are beneficial to my learning.

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