Value chain Essay Topics

Operations Management

Introduction A conventional “bricks and mortar” grocery does not have an online presence, only a physical one. It is built on a face-to-face customer service, and usually always has a building for their operations. A “brick and mortar” grocery has advantages and disadvantages compared to an online operation, like First of all, their major… View Article

Peter Senge’s Five Disciplines

Peter Senge was born in 1947, and he graduated in an engineering Stanford and then undertake a Master in Social Systems modelling at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and after that he completed his PhD on Management (Mark,2001). According to Peter Senge , learning organizations are “ Organizations where people continuously expand their capacity to… View Article

The Consumer as the Principal Driver of Value

Think about a purchase experience (product or service) that impressed you. Perhaps you told other people you know about your satisfaction with the process and the outcome. Perhaps your expectations were surpassed. In this discussion forum: 1. Describe this purchase experience. 2. Share the product and the brand name. 3. Share when this purchase happened…. View Article

Corporate Strategies in Small and Medium Enterprises

The article picked is “Information technology and corporate strategies in Small and Medium Enterprises” by Poolad Daneshvar, Research Scholar, Department of Business Administration, University of Mysore, India and Dr.H.N.Ramesh, Director Kuvempu University, PG Center, Kadur, Karnataka, India. It is, to be more precise, a synthesis of different researches about the subject: “How does Information Systems… View Article

Value Chain Analysis and Methodology

The internal value chain of an online learning institution consists of all physically and technologically distinct activities within the institution that add value to the learner’s experience. The key to analyzing the value chain is understanding the activities within the institution that create a competitive advantage, and then managing those activities better than other institutions… View Article

Value Chain as Competitive Advantage

Effective value chain as a competitive advantage can contribute significantly to the prosperity of a firm in the competitive arena, but it can cause dire situations if not operated properly (Guy, 2011). However, there are conflicts among companies as to how stakeholders think they gain competitive advantage. Porter (1996) suggests: A company can outperform rivals… View Article

Value Chain Management

Explain how operations strategy is influenced by customer and business prospective and where in a standard value chain you would expect to see your chosen topic addressed. INTRODUCTION Every organization’s operations strategies are concerned with getting things done; ie producing merchandise for customers. However, most people believe that operations management is only concerned with short-term,… View Article

Final Cumulative Balanced Scorecard

B. Competitive Strategy I chose a multi-regional, focused differentiation strategy tailored to match the differing competitive conditions and actions of rivals in the North America, Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America regions. In years 11 through 16, my strategy focused on “upscale buyers wanting products…with world class attributes.” (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, & Strickland, 2012) I chose… View Article