Value Essay Topics

Theory still have value

Jean Piaget (1896 – 1980) was a constructivist theorist. He saw children as constructing their own world, playing an active part in their own development. Children are intrinsically motivated to interact with their environment and so learn about the world they live in. Piaget’s insight opened up a new window into the inner working mind… View Article

Value of Art in Society

Art is a very powerful means of expressing one’s self, and it can be viewed either very positively or very negatively. Art has a way of bringing people together by portraying an idea that everyone can relate to. It has the ability to have a big impact on society, but it’s just a matter of… View Article

Value Chain

Value chain as a concept owes itself to Michael Porter the modern Guru of Management. According to the Interoperability Clearinghouse Glossary of Terms Value chain is “The sequential set of primary and support activities that an enterprise performs to turn inputs into value-added outputs for its external customers”.                         Value chain analysis is used by… View Article

Define the concepts of altruism

Altruism is defined as a selfless concern or act for the welfare and good of others.  An altruistic person is not motivated to do good because of reward or duty.  A purely altruistic person gives without thought to benefits, reward or recognition.             Autonomy in the general sense is an individual’s capacity to make rational… View Article

The Value Of Things

The advent of technology posed to be a very vibrant moment for the development of products right and left. The constant evolution of the market, together with its consumers was made to be a very large factor in the development of the way companies tends to develop their products.(Lagace 2004) Furthermore, as the development of… View Article

The Value of Collaboration

Alexander Graham Bell was a highly successful and prolific American inventor.  To him we credit the telephone, phonograph, and metal detector along with various other advancements in transportation, light transmission, and what would come to be called telecommunications. Beyond his success as an inventor, Bell is also acknowledged to have said, “Great discoveries and improvements… View Article

The value of an oral history archive in modern libraries

Abstract The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the use or value of an oral history archive department in modern libraries especially British libraries and American ones. It has been realized or discovered that the oral history archive can be used to explain the concept or idea of windowing time in digital libraries…. View Article

Theories of Meaning and Value in Action

Since various governing bodies began to apply rules within fixed parameters of their social-cultural environment, on the scene arose various men of excellent political and social disposition whose thoughts and ideologies culminated into what is known today by the term philosophy. The very basis of philosophy lies in the process of thinking, analyzing and interpreting… View Article

Theory Of Value

The word “value” is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the relative value in terms of money, materials or services.  The same word has a modified meaning once it is applied or associated to a certain principle.  In the world of economists, value is defined as the “real cost” in exchange to an item of… View Article

Personal and organizational values

What are personal and organizational values? Values are one of the most special achievements as human beings. A person acts not just in service to personal needs, but also out of a broader sense of what is important, purposeful and meaningful (Cynthia D. Scott, 1993). Values are the building blocks of organizational culture. They represent… View Article

Traditional Values In Now

In the 1950’s, the family was portrayed as consisting of a father, a mother and their children who were most preferably boys. Rarely were there any girls in the shows that were brought on television. The men were supposed to work and earn money that would then be used to bring home what was needed… View Article

Value Engineering Programs Overview

The programs objective is to impart knowledge covering core areas of plant design to enhance constructability and improve construction process. Studies, workshops and research focus on this program. The program covers effective cost saving in constructability in order to make maximum use of knowledge and experience in all phases of construction including planning the construction… View Article

Value of tuition reimbursement and extra time in adult learning

Learning is life. We continue to learn as long as we live. In today’s complex world, we often find it necessary to update ourselves, to keep pace with new developments. However learning new skills, organizing knowledge, at times, does not come free. Often, acquiring such specialized knowledge is beyond an individual’s means. To sustain the… View Article

American Civic Values

In America our society has always been a morals run country, from our domestic everyday lives. Our society, groups with different civic values with who have a lot of power on our lives that we live everyday which includes schools and religious groups. There are some individuals who hold our civic values to a higher… View Article

Three Moral Values

1.Happiness With this moral value in mind, I want to have the feeling of contentment with my life, like there’s nothing missing and I have everything I needed. I wanted to be able to say that I’m happy and complete. I consider this as a moral value, because I think that there is nothing more… View Article