Vacation Essay Topics

Best Vacation

Are you in the mood to relax, take in the sun, and have people cater to you? If so, you should take my advice and go on a cruise. My family and I took a four-day, three-night cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Sovereign of the Seas three years ago and it was the best vacation we… View Article

Ideal Place For Vacation

Paris! Symbol of romance and love… Vienna! Home of music and culture… New York! The city that never sleeps… Rio de Janeiro! Football, Copacabana and carnival… Everybody knows these famous places, many have been there already, and those who still did not have the chance are most probably dreaming of a future visit and unforgettable… View Article

Where to Go on Vacation: The Beach or the City

It is a fact that not all the people have the opportunity to go on vacation. The ones who have the facilities like to go out of town once in a while in order to leave their worries behind. When most people go on vacation, they have to decide the best place to go according… View Article

Summer Vacations

1. What I did on my summer vacations. Last summer, we can’t have a lot of relaxing vacations, because I have to move here, but we have a one weekend that my family and I went to Cancun. We had great time together with the joy of swimming, lying on the beach and got a… View Article

My Vegas Vacation

I had read about Vegas, I had seen pictures of Vegas, I had watched many movies about Vegas, but I had never imagined that I would ever visit Vegas. It wasn’t until I saw the lights of the huge city from the plane that I believed I was actually going to be landing in Las… View Article

How to Prepare for Your Vacation

Even though many people have been on vacation a lot of times, most people do not know how to mentally and physically prepare for their vacation. Planning your vacation is a big first step because you need to know where you would like to go. Just think if you can go anywhere, where would that… View Article

Why the Hawaiian Islands is Ideal for Parents to Take Their Children on Vacation

Aside from being popular for its infinite number of beaches, Hawaii holds numerous historical and modern day sites that could enchant a person. In addition, it boasts of the world’s tallest sea mountain, as well as beautiful canyons, gorgeous waterfalls and lush jungle landscapes-which make Hawaii a geological masterpiece. Aside from family-friendly activities provided by… View Article

An Ideal Vacation

An ideal vacation is a vacation takes a person away from all things that are in their normal routine. Some people want to break away from certain conditions that occupy their everyday life like school, a hectic work schedule, house work, and the biggest one of them all stress. Vacation is where they get to… View Article

Dream Vacation

Eighty-five degrees, suns out, sand in your toes, a couple of brews, and you family and friends. That sounds like everyone dream vacation, but who would complain that sounds like a great time. You see during the summer I would love to take a couple of my friends to go see Dave Matthews Band play… View Article