Urban Essay Examples

Urban Art: The Art for the People

If one would take a stroll down the metro, he/she would notice the appearance of the streets and have a one-word comment: Graffiti. Graffiti or street art is a notorious form of urban art found on the walls of public property, and is often regarded as vandalism by the onlookers. No matter where this art… View Article

Urban trends in developing countries

The urban trends in the world’s poorest countries have recorded an impressive growth in the last few decades. As a continuous process, urbanization in many developing countries is attributed to a number of factors. These include population growth, transformation of rural areas into small towns, poverty and unemployment, environmental degradation, lack of the basic infrastructure,… View Article

Urban Planning for Administration

Urban planning is the incorporation of the regulation of land utilizes planning and transportation planning to discover extremely broad variety of features of the constructed and communal surroundings of developed municipalities and neighborhood. It is the influential equipment used for minimizing the largely force of settlements on the local and regional surroundings and for advancing… View Article

Urban legends

According to Tom Harris, urban legends are modern fictional stories or myths passed “from person to person and frequently have the elements of caution, horror or humor. ” Most of the urban legends are always false though some have proven true. They are mostly always inspired by a true story but tend to change in… View Article

Urban Legends

Urban legends have long been a part of modern day culture. There are many urban legends and there is not anyone who has not been touched in some way by an urban legend. Whether the person has told an urban legend, heard an urban legend, or been influenced by modern day media or movies like… View Article

Urban Form

City development is an important defining element of the times. In the early part of the twentieth century cities revolved around narrow downtown areas and suburban development in the outskirts of town within range of horse and carriage commutes. As automobiles were introduced streets needed widened and commuters could voyage beyond the immediate circle around… View Article

Urban Forest

In New Orleans an urban forest can be created in the Bayou Metairie at the City Park. This is because this region is located in the mid city surrounded by the waterway of Bayou which is from Lake Pontchartrain in the North part of this park. Once in history this region was filled with Oak… View Article

Urban Design, Architecture, Art in Rome

Rome was one of the prominent cities to show a distinct example of urban architecture. As according to Frechtling (2001), urban design had always been attached to the Romanesque tradition wherein the arrangements of their architectural designs usually form single composition (p. 2). The roman architecture had significantly been influenced by the vast traditional constructs… View Article

Urban Decay and Why can’t people feed themselves

Urban Decay is a phenomena that is directly associated with large cities. Recent economic developments, local and national transportation policies, as well as population’s tendency to move toward the suburbs foster Urban Decay. The results of Urban Decay in United States are visible in most cities through abandoned commercial and residential buildings in the inner… View Article

Urban Regeneration

The nature of urban policy in United Kingdom (or at least in England) in recent years seems to have set the agenda for the commentative literature to an unexpected degree. Writers on the subject (mainly urban specialists or geographers) appear to have become preoccupied with the same presentational and promotional matters to which the government… View Article

Urban transport conditions

Urban transport conditions in bangkok, thailand For the past 30 years, the urban population of the world has been rapidly growing. In 1975, the urban population in developing regions has exponentially grown from 861 Million to 2135 Million in year 2000, and still is expected to grow by 45% in 2015 (Metge & Jehanno, 2006)…. View Article

Urban Studies

A community is a group of people, consisting of families, who lived in a limited geographical area and interact in interdependent relationships. The members usually pursued common interest and work together to achieve common goals that benefited the community (Smith 2001). Both Elm Valley and Fillmore are communities that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses characteristic… View Article

Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl contributes to an increase in crime. We learn from Kevin Early, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Michigan tells us that (Early, 2005) “in urban areas, crime is more abundant than in suburbs or rural areas. ” Early argues that “many reasons probably contribute to this issue such as unemployment,… View Article

Los Angeles Urbanism and Urban Landscape

Development and population movements begin and end in the city centers. It is in the city centers that various activities and concentrations of high degrees of social and economic communications and interactions converge. In fact, the city center is often a city’s historical core, susceptible to a series of major transformations in the process development…. View Article

Urban Unrest and Social Control

In the reading, the author discussed various events that probably have led to or are the outcomes of disinvestments in urban communities. Such events were termed ‘unrest’ and it includes crime, gang associations, riots and social movements. Citing some studies, the author said that most of these types of ‘unrest’ were found in communities with… View Article