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Upbringing and social experiences Essay

Self-reliant, solitary, resourceful, individualistic, self sufficient (Self-Sufficiency) Tolerated disorder, unexacting, flexible, undisciplined, lax, self-conflict, impulsive, careless of social rues, uncontrolled (Low Integration) Perfectionism Perfectionistic, organized, compulsive, self-disciplined, socially precise, exacting will power, control, self i?? sentimental (High Self-Concept Control) Relaxed, placid, tranquil, torpid, patient, composed low drive (Low Ergic Tension) Tension Tense, high energy, impatient, driven, frustrated, over wrought, time driven. (High Ergic Tension) (Managing others textbook)


I estimated that a trend would be present within the results; I presumed that the people who have known me for the longest will agree with my perception of myself. Or would have the same perception of me. After looking at the results it is clear that a majority of the people questioned have the same perception of my attributes within my personality. Only one subject has fluctuated from this set trend. I believe that this is because this subject often sees me under different circumstances to the other subjects. This is one flaw of cattels sixteen-point theory. The theory does not take into consideration different social settings.

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It has been noted that more than two subjects have perceived me to be a little less rule conscious, which I believe to be a bad trait. Now that I have an accurate perception of my self I will try to be become a more upstanding rule follower and conform to any rules or regulations. Pretty much all the of the characteristics that where asked conformed to my original opinion of my self. I believe this is due to my nature of being very scrupulous and critical in the way I act. By looking at the results I have gathered that my interpersonal skills are very much linked to my upbringing and social experiences.

My communication is built up on my level of articulation and comprehension of others. By looking at the results of Cattells theory it is evident that the people who where surveyed feel that I have similar perceptions on my communication skills to me. On of the most important attribute to have within life is the ability to manage conflict well. The main characteristics that help this attribute within my personality are once again articulation comprehension to other peoples need and wants empathy towards there desires and needs etc.

Depending on the situation I am put in to I believe that I have all the necessary attributes to manage conflict well. Emotional Intelligence The wider range of qualities which enable people to excel – self-awareness, impulse control, persistence, empathy, etc. (Daniel Goleman) From a young age my social learning theory consisted of observing my parents and trying to replicate their actions. They own their own business and pride themselves upon their persistency and impulse control. This has taken its effect over the way I handle my self.

During the time I studied at college I was unable to complete a large amount of work due to an event outside of my control. A knock on effect was that I was unable to gain the grades that I desired, thus having to join a course at university that I didn’t want to originally take. I believe this shows persistence, as I know that I need to complete this HND to be able to join the degree level to further my career. I am aware of my positive attributes and my negative attributes and believe that I an improve the qualities that do not help me progress. These qualities are time keeping/utilisation.

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