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Unsolicited letter

The pursuit of one’s goals and dreams are journeys that oftentimes take a lifetime to accomplish. There are those who reach the end of their lives not accomplishing what they wanted to do because they were either too intimidated by the prospect of even embarking on such a quest or they did not have the right opportunities in life. I have been working for a number of years and during that time I have had plenty of time to see my career develop as my life passed by. Yet, there comes a certain point in one’s life when one must make a firm decision, a commitment to something much more than one’s own personal goals.

Oftentimes, this means sacrificing one for the other. There are those, however, who are lucky enough to have their own personal goals and that pursuit for higher objectives converge. This is why I have chosen to apply for this position with your esteemed company. From a practical perspective, career advancement in this position is quite enticing. The challenges and training that one can get while on the job justify the long hours that are needed. In fact, it has been shown that a career in bookkeeping, particularly in this industry, opens up the candidate to several possible careers.

My personality is also best suited for this kind of endeavor (Bookkeeping) because of my ability to multi-task. During my past work experiences, I have often come across as witty and amiable. Yet, I am no push over when it comes to working in this type of environment. I firmly believe that I can succeed in anything that I want to as long as I work hard at it. I get things done. The job gets done faster and more efficiently as and when the objectives are clear, the strategies acceptable, and the resources are available.

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Of course, in the real world, these do not always happen. To the extent that they happen and to the extent that I can make them happen, I go after them and manage to get the job done. I am fully aware of the significance of being considered for acceptance, and I am sincerely grateful for your time and consideration of my application. SOLICITED LETTER I have had the unique opportunity to have had work experience on several continents. As an administrative assistant, I worked in a fast paced environment and had to deal with a high volume of work.

I also encountered several extensive problem resolution cases that required more than just a simple mechanical undertaking to resolve. From this environment, I moved on to becoming an Accounting Intern, Financial Assistance in Beijing, China where I analyzed corporate and individual station accounts, reconciled financial records and statements with General Ledger and investigated discrepancies and prepared resolution reports. As such, there is a common thread that weaves through all these experiences as it is really one of responsible bookkeeping and general management.

Whatever the location or functional responsibilities, there have always been financial and economic objectives to set and to attain; reporting systems to set up; progress to monitor and to correct; manpower and a management team to rally, motivate, and commit to the attainment of the same goals and objectives. I am confident that these experiences of mine will supplement the skills that I have in this aspect and will be a valuable asset for the company. The attainment of the work objectives at LICKS can only be attained by being able to recruit, organize, and motivate a dedicated team.

I do not like to overwhelm subordinates; intimidation is not my style. Persuasion and encouragement are my constant companions. I like to challenge people and allow a certain amount of constructive and positive intellectual and professional dissent – for as long as it leads to enlightening other potential solutions to problems. I am all for creating and maintaining a healthy, positive working environment where everyone feels good about coming to work and doing their job. I believe that it is more productive to elicit consensus rather than provoke contention.

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