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Chromatography method that measures everything Essay

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Chromatography method that measures everything

Yes, it is possible to have a single Chromatography method that measures everything. Chromatography is a laboratory technique that enables separation of mixtures. In most cases, the mixture is dissolved in a fluid and directed to a structure to hold another material called stationary phase. The process may be analytical or preparative. What is important is the whether the process can separate the mixture for advanced use, professionally called purification or whether the process is attempting to accomplish minor separation process.

Zhang (2007, p. 247) attempts to argue for the possibility of single chromatography; it is suggestive to apply separation including LC and GC. This allows the separation to occur in stages, primarily, the stationary phase, where the substance is held in a narrow tube through and the mobile where the liquidized substance is held under low pressure. Zhang proposes the use of planer chromatography. This technique endeavor uses flat surface, where the substance component is spread. The technique is effective since it allows different compounds to respond to different distances according to how they significantly interact at the stationary phase. Also, this technique uses the retardation factor (IUPAC, 2006), which is distance travelled from the center of spot to the solvent front, where the substance is separated completely.

However, for more complex substances, it is good to use a Universal Chromatography interface (UCI) device. This device allows the usage with Chromatography Management, which establishes a hybrid based analytical mechanism combining various Chromatographic devices. Essentially, the device control is through four ports known as RS-232 ports with eight contact-closure relay as well as, eight TTL inputs aided through a computer communication mechanism (Ottosen, Grout & Müller, 2009). Technically, the device accepts analogue from multiple detectors from high performance electronics by ensuring accurate signal measurement. In encapsulation, a UCI combines various technologies in one simpler purification process.


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Ottosen, C., Grout, B., & Müller, R. (2009). Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium on Postharvest

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