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United States Essay Examples

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Three Events That Changed America

The United States has changed a lot since its “Birth” in 1776. The United States changed for better or worse from The Great Depression, The Vietnam War, and The Attacks of 9/11. These life altering events formed America with tragedy, and destruction. Being the land of the free and the home of the brave. We…

United States

My life is different today than what it was seven years ago. Seven years ago, I lived in my home country, Bangladesh, and now I am currently live in the United States of America. First of all, In Bangladesh, I was in middle school. Attending middle school wasn’t too hard. It was actually a bit…

The First Tim I Came to the US

When I came to the United States, I felt very glad. My whole family was already living here. I was excited to be with them again. My family brought me happiness and joy. They showed me around New Jersey so I would not get lost. In the next few months after my arrival, I got…



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Plow and Cyrus

John Deere’s Steel-Tipped Plow and Cyrus McCormicks’s Mechanical Reaper – Deere invented a steel-tipped plow that halved the labor to clear acres to till. Timber for housing and fencing was available in nearby woods, and settlements spread rapidly. McCormick developed the mechanical reaper which harvested grain seven times faster than traditional methods with half the…

Give Me a Free Essay

When composing the Constitution in 1789, the Founding Fathers were anxious to stress that the executive branch of the new republic was to be subordinate to the peoples’ representation, the Congress. They achieved this through the Separation of Powers, a theory of government thought up by the French philosopher Montesquieu to prevent over-mighty or tyrannical…

Education: United States vs. Ukraine

There are 1.8 million people coming to the United States every year. According to U.S. census estimates, in 2006 there were 961,113 Americans of Ukrainian descent representing 0.33% of the American population. The Ukrainian population in the United States is thus the second largest outside the former Soviet Union. One of the reasons is that…

Dred Scott vs John Sandford (the United States)

The Scott vs. Sandford case was an extremely historical event in the United States because this was the first time a slave tried to sue his owner for his freedom. Like every other court case in the U.S. there was the Defendant, the Plaintiff, and the Judge. The issue was brought to court by the…

Introduction to cultural anthropology

Philippe Bourgois conducted fieldwork in urban United States and Central America in relation to political issues related to ethnicity, dislocation of street children, political violence, labor relations and popular resistance. In United States, Bourgois fieldwork mainly focuses on social suffering, cultural issues and political economy. His most recent work relates to substance abuse, homelessness, violence…

Manifest Destiny and Foreign Policy

The term “Manifest Destiny,” which American writer John L. O’Sullivan first used in the New York Democratic Review in 1845. , describes what most 19th-Century Americans believed was their God-given mission to expand westward, occupy a continental nation, and extend U. S. constitutional government to unenlightened peoples. The idea was the driving force behind the…

Isolationism: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and United States Government

After the events leading up to World War I and also the aftermath of the war itself, the United States government decided to take a second look at their policy of isolationism and also their foreign policy. That second look caused plenty of controversies between the people in America who supported a return to isolationism…

Drone Usage in War-Time Tactics

Since the introduction of drones in war, the NY Times claims that the “CIA have not committed one civilian fatality, while allowing the troop death rate to decrease dramatically.” During the constant bettering of machinery throughout the world, the use of technology has come to a halt when it comes to an unmanned aerial vehicle….

USA Today Swot Analysis

USA Today has long been one of the nation’s leading newspapers. It started in 1982 and quickly became very popular because of its new format, colorful pictures and charts, and condensed articles. The paper targeted a different demographic than its predecessors and was able to get more people interested in newspapers than had previously been….

Gender Roles in United States

Gender role can be defined as number of professed personality trait and manners observed by males or females in a given society.  Different culture imposes a different set of expectations on men and women (faqs, n.d). Every culture has a different number of norms that they use to differentiate a perfect male or female with…

Compulsory Education

There are many forms of research for compulsory education. When I started to dig for Information, I was quite amazed in how far back it actually goes. It may have been a little different then, but the concept behind it were and still are the same. With that, you will see multiple questions that need…

Federal programs

Throughout the twentieth century, Congress has established a great number of federal programs administered by agencies within the Executive Branch. Through this process of a wide-ranging allocation of authority to the executive Branch, Congress has assisted in creating a massive Federal Bureaucracy. The relationship of Congress to the Executive Branch today must therefore be seen…

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