United States Essay Examples

History and Description of a Subordinate Group Member

Throughout the history of North America, there has been one ethnic group who has given up almost everything to the European settlers. Land, home, resources, and dignity were stolen from Native Americans. The long history of the American Indian is being written, even today. Approximately forty thousand years ago, the earliest ancestors of Native Americans… View Article

United States as the Sole Super Power

At the end Cold War between United States of America and Soviet Union, the rivalry for attaining supremacy has been opened to all most influence countries throughout the globe. The collapsed of Soviet Union’s military initiates the United States to step-up to influence the economy, military and political control. The Soviet Union without appearance, the… View Article

The Compact Theory

Compact theory – Regarding the Constitution of the United States of America, the compact theory holds that the nation was formed through a compact agreed upon by all the states, and that the federal government is consequently a creation of the states. Consequently, states should be the final arbiters over whether the federal government had… View Article

Employment in America

The United States is amongst the global states which are embracing low rates of unemployment. Except for the Latin America which is fiercely allied to high informal employment the rest of the American continent is having a low unemployment rate which goes as low as 3% compared to 55-60% for most Asian and African countries…. View Article

The Palmer Raids: Crossing the Lines of Justice

Upon occasion, the United States government has infringed upon its people’s rights in order to “protect” Americans from themselves: the Palmer Raids of 1919 and 1920 are no exception. In the wake of the Russian Revolution, A. Mitchell Palmer sent federal agents to arrest those who spoke out against the American government. Most of these… View Article

My Trip to America

The plane was taking off. Gravity pulled me lean on the back of the seat. Seeing the trees, roads, cars and buildings became more and more blurry in my sight, I felt my brain was blank. “Hey, I’m really going to leave tomorrow…” I called my best friend the night before I left. “Don’t forget… View Article

Frq Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation from 1781 to 1789 did not provide the United States with an effective form of government because of its problems in terms of domestic policy, foreign policy, and economics. Domestic policy, or the set of decisions that a government makes relating to things that directly affect the people in its own… View Article

Woodrow Wilson’s War Message

Woodrow Wilson was a man of neutrality when World War I first broke out, despite of the pressure America was under to join the war. Wilson’s fight for neutrality during German submarine attacks on ships slowly deteriorated when finally he came to believe that war was a necessary action to defend America and it’s people…. View Article

Constitution Cafe

The Constitution Cafe written by Christopher Phillips is mainly about the viewpoints of students around the country and what could be different about the Constitution. While the majority of the students from the meetings feel like there should be a few things added to the articles of the Constitution, because things are different today than… View Article

Elements of Americas market economy in a global setting

Mankiw (2006) characterize a market economy as an economic system where the production and distribution of goods and services through free markets and price systems (p. 7). The amounts of products produced are not pre-determined. At the same time, the amount of goods that will be used is not restricted but bound by market forces…. View Article

The Compassion Gap in American Poverty Policy

I believe that the authors of this article mean by “dream divide” is that the distribution of income and wealth in the United States have become more unequal, which make those living in poverty have an even smaller chance of reaching their American Dream. There are many reasons why the poor people have such a… View Article

Amusement park dangers

How many people have to die, or sustain serious injury from amusement park rides before the federal government steps in and regulates the amusement park industry? Rosy Esparza’s family had every right to believe that she would return from the Texas Giant roller coaster without harm or injury. However, Esparza fell to her death on… View Article

The Confederate Battle Flag: Heritage or Hate

The Confederate Battle flag is one of the most recognized symbols in the United States. It is not always a welcome symbol in today’s society. Take for instance the state of South Carolina having to remove it from its statehouse on April 12, 2000. The reason it is not always welcome is because people often… View Article

The Odyssey

An odyssey is a long series of travels and adventures. In the epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus travels to many land and meet many people during his journey. Due to his travel, Odysseys changes and grow as a person. Thus, an individual wanting to develop as a person should consider going on a personal odyssey…. View Article

Revolutionary Republicanism

Revolutionary republicanism is an ideal example of the American war fighting for their independence from England. The ideology of revolutionary republicanism is pieced together from English political ideas, Enlightenment theories, and religious beliefs. This was all constituted with the revolution in thought. Many lives, economies, politics, religions, and even thoughts were changed in effect to… View Article