United Kingdom Essay Examples

The Blood Brothers

“Willy Russell writes entertaining drama about believable characters and champions the cause of the socially disadvantaged. ” With reference to the historical and social context of Blood Brothers, analyse the accuracy of this statement. ” Blood Brothers is a musical play written in the 1980s during a recession in a United Kingdom. Written by Willy… View Article

The United Kingdom

There should be no censorship in the United Kingdom. Discuss arguments for and against the statement. All media texts that come into contact with the public are to a certain extent censored, with all intention that it is in our best interest. Many people would argue that government censorship in information released to the press… View Article

Department for culture

In the United Kingdom sport is provided throughout many different ways and is funded through government Lottery and private sources. Maria Miller who works through a DCMS select committee will. There are National governing bodies and another type of organisation called “QUANGOS”. According to BBC (2010) a quango is an organisation that is funded by… View Article

Research countering the student-teacher ratio effect

Graddy and Steven (2005) examines several studies of secondary school performances throughout the U. K. and concluded that there is little to no effect of the student-teacher ratio on the achievement of students. Borland, Howsen & Trawick (2005) also found no noticeable connection between student achievement and either reduced or enlarged class sizes. The Congressional… View Article

The United States political system compared to The United Kingdom

The US and the United Kingdom are alike, although not as evidently, in many ways, and this likeness has contributed to their present relationship. History             The History of the United Kingdom is characterized by significant changes with each ruling Monarchy. In 1066, William, the Duke of Normandy was able to displace Harold II, the… View Article

The Critics of the Government’s Proposals

Topic: “The critics of the Government’s proposals to abolish the post of Lord Chancellor and create a Supreme Court are motivated by blind adherence to tradition rather than a rational analysis of the issues” The United Kingdom is a Constitutional Monarchy and is based on Parliamentary Democracy, with a Queen and a Parliament that has… View Article

David Cameron’s First Speech as Prime Minister

This political speech made by United Kingdom’s new prime minister David Cameron in May 2010 could be considered the beginning of a new era in the politics of the country because, for the first time after World War II, Britain would have a coalition government. David Cameron (born in London in 1966) was elected leader… View Article

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns since 1837 and today is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch. Although in use for the many official events and receptions held by The Queen, the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace are open to visitors every year. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms. These… View Article

Caribbean Immigrants to New York/Us

In the early 1900s the largest number of black immigrants were English-speaking Caribbean (West Indians) who settled in the Northeast, mainly in New York City. These immigrants were only 1.3 percent of the NYC population and faced intense racism, but by 1923 they became a 12.7 percent of the city’s population. Many of these immigrants… View Article

Economic Data Collection and Analysis

From analysing the Data on the Scatter Plot the relationship between the GDP and the Population of Great Britain from 1999-2009 appears to be a moderate positive correlation relationship. Both variables are increasing at a similar rate and following a similar pattern which would indicate this relationship. This relationship would tend to be a positive… View Article

Parliament practise exam question

a) Explain the term life peers used in the extract (5 marks) * According to the extract, life peers sit in the House of Lords. They sit in the House of Lords for life and are appointed by the Prime Minister by recommendations from his/her party as well as the opposition. The Life peerages Act… View Article

History of Badminton

Badminton is one of the most enjoyable racket games that can be played by males and females or any age or skill level. The games can be played by single or doubles. Badminton is played over the net using a shuttlecock and a racket. The shuttlecock is being struck before it lands on your court,… View Article

To What Extent Was There a Post-War Consensus

To what extent was there a Post-War Consensus between the years 1951 & 1964? The term ‘post-war consensus’ is used to describe a period of general agreement in the key areas of politics between the two main political parties following the Second World War. Prior to the 1951 Conservative election, Labour had introduced several important… View Article

How Well Does Parliament Perform Its Various Functions

Parliament is designed to hold the executive accountable; therefore it goes about this by various means of government scrutiny, such as Prime Minister’s Question Time. In addition, Parliament is expected to perform a legislative function, creating the process of a bill becoming a law after undergoing many stages between the House of Commons and the… View Article