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Unethical behavior Essay Examples

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Unethical Behavior

As professionals, we have an individual opportunity and a standard of responsibility to be committed to the standards of quality of ethical and moral standards in the workplace. Employees having a high ethical standard are paramount to the success of any organization and acting in an unethical manner will almost ultimately destroy it. This essay…

Effect of Unethical Behavior

The Securities and Exchange Commission was created in 1934 to police the U. S. financial markets. Today, the Securities and Exchange Commission continues to create legislation tightening reporting standards and providing more transparency. Unfortunately, increasing standards often comes after a failure of the system. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is a primary example of legislation…

Consequences of Unethical Behavior

I had not heard of this until now, actually. Google paid their way out of CEO prosecution last year. Not only was their behavior unethical, and illegal, it was very socially irresponsible to the American people. Google was taking part in advertising narcotics and other prescription drugs for an illegal Canadian pharmacy on the American…



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Wal-Mart’s Unethical Behavior

For the past few decades Wal-Mart has been criticized and accused for being involved with all sorts of unethical behavior. Many various groups of people have come after Wal-Mart protesting against their company’s policies and business practices. Labor, community, environmental, and religious groups are some of the most known types of groups that have tried…

Unethical Behavior of Financial Accounting

Accounting can be best described as a type of tool or language put in place in order to provide appropriate information with regards to the financial position of an organization, corporate or business. With this kind of information, it will always be critical to investors as it provides them with relevant and thorough information that…

Ethical Behavior vs Unethical Behavior

There really isn’t one way or another to be able to ensure ethical behavior in any business all the time. There are things that can be done to help encourage and increase the likely hood of a business acting ethically all the time. The two strongest influences for ethical behavior in the professional world are…

Leadership Styles and Employee Ethical/Unethical Behavior

Transformational leaders encourage followers to embrace moral values and to act in the interest of the collective rather than self interest. Transformational leaders are thought to raise followers’ level of moral development and to focus followers’ attention on higher level needs and values. Transactional leaders rely on rewards and punishments to direct followers’ behaviour. Transactional…

How Do Casinos Guard Against Unethical Behavior

A casino is type of facility which homes and accommodates certain kinds of gambling actions. Casinos are most generally constructed, combined, or near with restaurants, cruise ships, retail shopping, hotels, or various other attractive tourist places. There is also much arguing over whether or not the economic and social effects of casino gambling outweigh the…

Effect of Unethical Behavior Article Analysis

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, passed in congress in 2002 is designed to protect investors from the potential of fraudulent corporate accounting activities. This act strictly mandates reform, aimed directly to prevent fraud and improve corporate financial disclosures (INVESTOPEDIA, 2012). As a result of several confidence shaking investor accounting scandals that occurred during the late 90s which…

Improper and unethical behavior

Analysis of How Improper & Unethical behavior can be avoided in the Workplace In any workplace there will always be rules and regulations regarding that need to be followed. These rules and regulations usually require employees to observe proper behavior, wear the proper attire, and act professionally, among others. However, more often than not, there…

Unethical Behaviors

In 2007, Toyota created a catastrophe all over the nation causing 2262 incidents including: 815 crashes and 314 injuries. Toyota had built over 8.5 million defected vehicles (bad accelerators) and sent them out to be sold to customers knowingly these vehicles were dangerous to individuals (Patton, J., & Estep, B.,2010).. Unethical behavior includes the Japanese…

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