Understanding Essay Examples

Moral understanding

An alternative theory of the development of pro-social reasoning is provided by Hoffman, who saw empathy as an involuntary reaction to emotional stimuli. He suggests that it is also related to cognitive development; that is, as children gain the ability to interpret the world from others’ viewpoints, they are able to indirectly experience others’ distress,… View Article

Historic Conditions for a Proper Understanding of prophecy

The understanding of prophecy becomes only meaningful when it is based on culture. However, culture has left some physical objects that may contain a wealth of information for those seeking to understand. According to scholar Paula Mcnutt: “ The sources available to us for reconstructing the social world of ancient Israel include the Hebrew Bible… View Article

Understanding Inflation

The amount a product costs should be the first decision a consumer has to make before they purchase a good or service. Consumers may find themselves asking what exactly makes a price rise and why their money can purchase less and less. The answer to this question is inflation. What is inflation and why should… View Article

Understanding Sexism, Racism, and Class Privilege in Society

Lorber’s description of the way people express themselves is a clear manifestation of the reality that has been happening around us. From the clothes that people wear, it is evident that there are gender issues involved. If a young lady is seen wearing a skirt and some fancy top, she is regarded as someone with… View Article

Understanding Suicide Bombing With The Theory Of Symbolic Interactionism

The term, “symbolic interactionism,” was coined by Blumer (1969), who described the three fundamental assumptions of the theory thus: (1) “Human beings act toward things on the basis of the meanings they ascribe to those things;” (2) “The meaning of such things is derived from, or arises out of, the social interaction that one has… View Article

Understanding the Movie Mi Familia and Development

The movie “My Family” is a melodramatic, family-oriented, socially-significant and heart-warming film, which enlightens a journey of life and challenges of the reality for a group of people coming from a particular place of origin and migrating to a foreign land to seek for a better future and chase a dream of a family that… View Article

The theories and philosophical understanding

With the advent of the 21st century and the fact that myriad challenges confront the world, it is only through firm disposition and the ability to cope with the persistent challenges of today that one can assuredly survive anything that may press on. And since the birth of the new age, we should take quantum… View Article

Understanding Literature through Historical Context

Requisites of literary criticism involve understanding and delving into a set of concepts and intellectual assumptions based on the underlying structure which constitutes the literary matter and the objective of the critical practice. The text is not merely just text but is a product or conception of the world outside the text. Even with the… View Article

Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Describe your outcome from this week’s MyFoundationsLab® assignment. The outcome from this week’s MyFoundationsLab assignment were good but could be better. The assignment pointed out the importance of previewing and marking your readings. It also pointed out the importance of limiting distractions and setting study goals. I am now better prepared to focus and concentrate… View Article

Priniciples of Working with and Supervising

1 – Understand the purpose of working with others in a team 1.1 – Describe how team working can help to achieve goals and objectives Working as a team allows the workload to be shared, giving the advantage that some members wont have to do more work than another. When there is a group of… View Article

Check Your Understanding

Meta-ethics is the overall attempt to be able to understand the wide range of thoughts and beliefs that pertain to moral thought, talk, and practice. The idea of meta-ethics is an abstract thought. It is the process of being able to look at ethical situations and determine what the ethical or moral route for these… View Article

Reading Comprehension

Reading is one of the four important language skills that should be mastered by students. Through reading, students will get much knowledge on educational, business, politics, science and technology and etc. Reading is a tool for getting many kinds of information. Besides, reading enables us to improve our knowledge and get enjoyment. As one of… View Article

Introduction to Communication in Health

Outcome 1: Understand why communication is important in the work setting? • People communicate to give and receive information i.e. Child A has eaten a piece of toast during snack time, as child A doesn’t usually do this we informed the parents of the child’s progress at the end of our preschool session. • People… View Article

NVQ Assessment

Understand the principles and requirements of assessment 1. Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development. 2. Define the key concept and principles of assessment. 3. Explain the responsibilities of the assessor. 4. Identify the regulations. Compare the strengths and limitations of arrange of assessment methods with reference to the needs of individual learners…. View Article