ukraine Essay Examples

Transition Economies of the Post Soviet Era

After becoming independent in 1993 and discovering economic freedoms, Ukraine is still lagging behind other former communist countries like Estonia, Poland, and Check Republic. Research Question This research is attempting to determine if the more aggressive approach in economic reforms, as it was done in Estonia, would benefit Ukraine. To answer this question, this research… View Article

Tourist Attractions and Places of Interest in Ukraine

Ukraine is a former Soviet country located in Western Europe, with 603,700 sq km of total area (a little smaller than Texas) and 43. 3 billion population (CIA, 2008). It is located in geographical center of Europe and its landscape mostly consists of plateaus and plains, as well as mountainous regions to the west (Carpathian)… View Article

Question to a President

If you had the opportunity, what would you ask the president or leader of your country, and why? Nowadays it is a popular trend among leaders of CIS countries to hold Q&A sessions with the people of their countries at least once a year. Mr. Yanukovych, the President of Ukraine, followed this trend as well… View Article

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the annual gas transactions and dealings has been mostly intermittent. This presents the gravity of the matter, alongside the fact that the conflict has mainly been seen to transcend the two parties so as to largely affect European countries that heavily rely on this gas. The negative effect… View Article

Ukraine in The World Bank Group

There have been major changes that have been experienced across the world and in many countries, Ukraine being one of them. Ukraine has experienced several changes in terms of population, labour, income distribution, education, social mobility as well as the living conditions of the citizens over the year 2008 to 2015. Over the year 2008… View Article