Transition Essay Examples

Transition metals

Iron is a transition element. A transition element is an element that forms at least one ion with a partially file d orbital1. Transition metals have several different oxidation states, so can be oxidized and reduced. Oxidizing the Fe2+ will make it Fe3+, and it will lose an electron. Fe3+ e- + Fe3+ Reducing Fe3+… View Article

Jake in Transition

The following essay is in response to the Jake in Transition exhibit which displayed the many psychological and physical stages Jake went through to change his gender from a woman to a man. The artist of the exhibition demonstrated different stages of Jake’s transition from female to male. As the artists discussed in his interview,… View Article

Life Transitions Counseling

A detailed and very interesting research about the problems of classifying, analyzing and coping with life transitions in our life, was written by Lawrence Brammer, Ph.D., who is Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education at the University of Washington in Seattle. This work was published by the Educational Resource Information Center.             In his research L…. View Article

Treatment for Juveniles

Introduction.             Juvenile offenders compose a considerable chunk of criminal offenders confined in various institutions all over the United States (Juvenile offenders, 2003). In fact, reports show that the number of juvenile offenders has risen over the past decade (Juvenile offenders, 2003). Two Corrections Compendium surveys conducted ten years apart show that the number of… View Article

Transition from clinician to educator

As a clinician, there are inbuilt skills of confidence and human interactions that would be useful in adapting to the educational environment. There would have been research papers, seminar presentations and even of medical and other health science students in the hospital. These skills are inherent in a clinician, and would be of immense use… View Article

Change Management Model Paper

In order to evaluate organizational change, it is crucial to understand the models of organizational change. Change models can reveal the compelling forces of change, what will happen, and how it will happen. It is sometimes difficult to find a model that best fits the nature of the organization. However, the use of any change… View Article