Transformation Essay Examples

Human evolution

Australopithecus apheresis separated humans directly from other primates because they walked upright. There is a huge evolutionary connection between brain size and bipedalism, Australopithecus and our other ancestors brain size was increased because of a change in their diets. Before, our relatives were strict herbivores until they became bipedal and ate meat because it was… View Article

Transformation Geometry

This project is aimed in showing its readers how a figure may be transformed and be associated with the initial points, and how such points may be altered as a shift is made. This gives us an idea that an image may be rotated or moved. Regardless of time and place, this gives the opportunity… View Article

The Myth of Self-Transformation

We have been educated that both society and the self are determined by structures. Our generation perceive the world through the lens of thinkers—Freud, Marx, Darwin, to name a few—who believe that we are inhibited by deterministic factors such as our psychology, our social class, or our evolutionary need for survival. This lens puts into… View Article

Transformation of the UK

The United Kingdom underwent many changes during the second World War due to its location and heavy involvement in the conflict. In the ensuing decades, a greater stability in the country has been achieved mainly through the fight to curb inflation. Encompassing Great Britain, North Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the United Kingdom is one of… View Article

Cultural Transformation

Another major change happened in the culture of the people colonized. As the colonizers spread their influence and their domination was felt by the colonized territories their way of life changed. New religions were introduced, mode of travel and dress changed, new languages were introduced, farming techniques and technologies were introduced as well. Before long,… View Article

Characters’ Transformation

Pride and Prejudice is one of the most popular novels written by Jane Austen which was first published in 1813. It is more than a story of love which revolves around the lives of the Bennett family and the wealthy male visitors of Hertfordshire. The wide variety of personalities in the story contributed to the… View Article

Transformation of Britain

There was a great transformation of Britain from an essentially agrarian country to an industrial power during the nineteenth century. This enormous shift was beset by political, economic, and cultural transformations, which can best be described as turbulent. As observed by some historians, this period witnessed an upward trend of mass readership for newspapers, books,… View Article