Trading Essay Examples

E-trading Case

Introduction Perhaps nowhere else is the impact of the Internet felt as much as in the service sector. The Internet has opened new channels for service delivery, shortened turnaround limes and offered unprecedented convenience to consumers. The financial services have leveraged the Internet and exploited its many benefits. E-trading is the financial service most amenable… View Article

Transaction Costs And Trading Strategies

Market Microstructure             There are essentially three models of market microstructure known as the Walrasian Auctioneer, Market maker with opportunity costs and market maker facing informed trades. These models are determined by whether the market is regulated by benevolent or motivated trading. Each model is discussed as given below:- (a)  Walrasian Auctioneer. This is ruled… View Article

Trading With Another Country

     The overall impact of trading with another country can be foreseen if a correct method of country analysis is to be implemented. Since commercial risks are persistently present in all countries (ING, 2007), it would be appropriate for the investor to first check the country profile for optimum decision making procedure.      For this… View Article

Different Trading Strategies

Past and Present Analysis of Gold Price             With the abolishment of Bretton Woods Gold Standard between 1971 and 73, since then, the price of Gold in the international market started to rise from $35 to $100. Ten years later, another significant rise of gold price happened tripling its original price from $100 to $300… View Article

US-China Trade: Major Trading Issues

The bilateral trade economy between the United States and China emerged as a consequence of the diplomatic relations that was established between the two countries at the beginning of 1979. Before trade reforms begun in 1978, China did not have any remarkable significance to the US economy. At that time, China ranked number 32 and… View Article

Insider Trading and Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, homemaker turned media mogul, spent time in 2004 and 2005 in jail for illegal insider trading. While insider trading is not necessarily illegal if reported properly, more often insider trading is done in a fraudulent manner. This paper will examine insider trading and discuss the Martha Stewart case in regards to fraudulent insider… View Article

Ethics and Laws governing insider trading

Insider trading remains a controversial issue in the American public domain. Most individuals perceive the practice as being illegal. However, insider trading can both be legal and illegal practice. The provisions of the American law dictate that any form of insider trading should be reported to the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to… View Article