Torture Essay Examples

Is Torture Ever Acceptable

According to the UN Convention Against Torture, any infliction of torture1 i. e. waterboarding is banned under international law and the domestic laws of most countries in the 21st century. The point of contention is whether torture under any circumstances should be entirely prohibited. This opinion piece will be centered towards the debate regarding interrogation… View Article

Torture Definition

According to David Luban, “Torture used to be incompatible with American values. Our Bill of Rights forbids cruel and unusual punishment…Americans and our government have historically condemned states that (practice) torture; we have granted asylum or refuge to those who fear it” (Luban, 1425).             But after 9/11, the American public was divided over the… View Article

Torture as Part and Parcel of Authoritarian Regimes

The history of torture in Western Europe is very ancient. It goes back to the Greeks, the Romans, and through the Middle Ages till the nineteenth century.[1] Torture was used in almost all societies in the ancient world. For example, prisoners of war in Egypt, Greece, and Romewere were often taken into slavery, and they… View Article

Torture of Prisoners in Custody

Torture of prisoners in custody is one of the hidden evils of the Bush administration’s “War on Terror.” What made it very atrocious was that it exposed the hypocrisy of the said campaign. Despite its being the world’s bastion of freedom, democracy and human rights, the United States is practicing torture on its political prisoners…. View Article

Torture: History and Definition

Torture is a phenomenon that is embedded in the history of mankind, from ancient civilization to the present.  It has been given many meanings, but has eluded exact definition.  One of the earliest definitions was given by a Third Century jurist named Ulpian, who stated that “by torture, we are to understand the torment and… View Article

Is Solitary Confinement Torture

Solitary Confinement is the act of placing a prisoner in a small cell, usually the size of your average bathroom, for up to 23 hours a day with one hour reserved for physical activity. The only contact the prisoner is allowed to have with the outside world is through letters. It sounds horrible, but is… View Article

The Ethics of Torture

Torture is causing pain and suffering to gain information and confessions. It’s a traditional, historical, well-understood term. Waterboarding is a form of torture in which a bound, gagged prisoner is forced to breathe in water. There are several techniques but all produce the same effects, a physical sensation of drowning and a psychological sensation of… View Article

Torture: a moral wrong and a moral duty

Since Aristotle argues that some feelings such as “malice, shamelessness and envy” or actions such as “adultery, theft and murder” are evil by their very nature (1107a9-18), we can also assume that torture in his view is evil in itself as well. The philosopher provides two important considerations leading to a conclusion that he considers… View Article

To Torture or Not to Torture

First, the hard facts: Torturing the little girl would work—meaning, thousands of lives or maybe more could be saved. Not torturing the girl would lead to the bomb’s detonation, decimating an entire city. Based on these facts, the statistics show that the act of torturing a little girl that could permanently and irreversibly damage her… View Article

Stop Torture

Would you authorize torturing an individual in order to save the lives of hundreds? A majority of the population would agree that sometimes torture becomes necessary. Employed during war, many civilians believe torture is justified as a method to retrieve information to save lives and many military personnel would argue that the same methods would… View Article

Torture in the United States

Torture has existed all over the world for millennia but what is torture in America today? The C. I. A. and the F. B. I. have recently used torture against terrorists who were suspected to have vital information concerning American safety. Since torture is illegal in the United States, most of this torture took place… View Article

“Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is by far the most interesting book that I have read in my young life. I was enthralled by the story and it forced me to think about my own life. The clear message of the book is to never give up and don’t let anger or bitterness get in the… View Article

John Stuart Mill’s Viewpoint on Interrogation and Torture

In the world today there have been many controversial topics including topics such as euthanasia, the death penalty and gay marriage. One that has always stood out in particular is the controversy over torture and interrogation techniques for terrorists in US custody . Ethically you can argue for or against these torture and interrogation techniques… View Article

Building Baby from the Genes Up

1)-Anne Quindlen’s job is to be a reporter, a journalist. 2)-She got interested in the case because she could see herself as one of the victims. 3)-She has a negative attitude towards death penalty, because in the essay she is saying that the death penalty does not solve anything. 4)-Ms. Quindlen tells the readers that… View Article

The Debate on Torture: Should It Be Permissible

The act of legalizing torture has been a debate amongst people for a long time. Most people feel discomfort imagining someone being tortured, whether under any circumstance, however, there are those who feel that torture can be beneficial to the government, in the most extreme cases, seeking information. For example, after the events of 9/11,… View Article