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This is a brief summary of ‘The crucible’ Essay

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This is a brief summary of ‘The crucible’

The play takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. A group of girls from the village were dancing in the woods where they were seen by Rev. Paris who is Abby’s uncle. According to the reverend they were circling round a fire and one girl was naked. When the curtain raises you can see a room where Betty Parris is lying inert on her bed with her father praying by her side. On the other side of town Ruth Putnam is the same. It’s all a game to the girls but they don’t know just how deadly a game it is.

When no cure can be found for the mystery illness that has struck the girls, the village soon comes to the conclusion of witchcraft for the cause. When the reverend Hale arrives many people believe that their suspicions have been proved right and that it is defiantly witchcraft that has taken the girls. As the play progresses Abby becomes the most important person in the village, anyone she accuses they are sent to the court and convicted of witchcraft. As time goes by Abby becomes feared and hated by the people of the village.

In the end Abby runs away but still her work continues until at the end of the play you hear the beat of the drum. As they prepare to execute proctor, Martha Corey and Rebecca nurse. Money is a big issue in the play. Every one wants more and they always try to get things and possessions. Rev. Parris for example used to be a merchant in Barbados where he got his slave, Tituba. He was a rich merchant and it seems he was sad and reluctant to give up his life of splendor.

When Hale is talking to proctor and his wife it comes up that Parris wanted golden candle sticks for the church instead of the plain pewter ones that the church had always had. Rev. Parris also wants the deed to the house in which he lives which is very irregular as a reverend only lives in the house it is actually owned by the church or the community in which it is situated. Rev. Parris gets paid i?? 60 a year plus an extra i?? 6 for firewood. Which was a lot of money in that day but still he takes the i?? 6 as part of his wages and then demands that he be given the firewood for free and that he be paid more.

In the courtroom there is another example of money and wealth in the way that people are judged. An example of this is where Giles Corey is introducing Proctor he says ‘ This is John Proctor he owns 600 cares’ This refers to how much land Proctor owns. In this town you are respected more according to how much land you have and how wealthy you are. This shows when people were being accused. In the beginning when the first people are being accused they pick on the people who are old and have very little money or land.

Near the end of the play Abby steals i?? 31 from Parris before she runs away and the guard who is meant to be watching Proctor is willing to accept a bribe for his release, offered by Abby on her way to the docks. Thomas Putnam wants more land and to get it he makes his daughter accuse all their neighbors so he can buy their land at auction. Ruth Putnam accuses people like Rebecca Nurse’s husband who are completely defenseless just so as her father can buy their land and get more money. Rev.

Parris wants the deed, he wants a pay-rise, he wants gold and he wants things that he does not need but wants every thing he can get. Abby wants power, and she gets it. She has the power to send people to their death if she wants she also has the power to get the rest of the girls to do as she says and the rest of the time to shut up and not tell any one what is really going on. Every one in the village is greedy they all have a want for something that is not needed and they all want more of it. Abby also wants proctor but that is the one thing she cannot have.

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