Theories Essay Examples

Compare and Contrast two theories of Bystander Behaviour

“A man approached the gates of heaven and asked to be admitted. ‘Tell me one good thing you have ever done in your life’, said St Peter. ‘Well’, said the man. ‘I saw a group of skinheads harassing an elderly lady and so I went over and kicked the leader in the shin’. Impressed, St… View Article

Theories of Causal Learning

The paper I am presenting is entitled “When Learning Order Affects Sensitivity to Base Rates: Challenges for Theories of Causal Learning” written by Ulf-Dietrich Reips and Michael R. Waldmann. The study sought to demonstrate how causal learning theories are affected by the order at which the information is to be presented. More specifically, this study… View Article

The significance of Vygotsky’s theories

There has been increasing interest in the significance of Vygotsky’s theories and methodologies in education, mainly because these were not completed and empirically tested by Vygotsky himself, and because for Vygotsky, education was “central to cognitive development” and is “the quintessential sociocultural theory. ” Vygotsky’s theories have been important in creating educational change, and his… View Article

Various Motivational Theories

In the early 1920s Walter Chrysler, a retired president of Buick and vice-president of General Motors arrived at the ill-fated Maxwell-Chalmers company. The company has been losing ground for years and they need somebody who has experience and innovation to keep it on the ground. He was hired to organize the company’s downhilled operations. Unfortunately,… View Article

Understanding Personality Theories

Understanding the Self – how and why one thinks and behave, is a topic that scholars have tried to unravel ever since man has learned to write down his views about himself and the world around him. Contradictions like the presence or absence of free will, nature versus nurture, optimism versus pessimism, cultural determinism versus… View Article

Ethical Theories

Ethical egoism or egotism (also known as egoism) is the normative ethical arrangement that ethical agents have to do what is in their personal self-interest. It is different from psychological egoism, which declares that persons simply perform in their self-interest. Psychological egoism or egotism is the outlook that individuals are always aggravated by self-interest; even… View Article

Social theories help

Social theories help us to understand the world and the society in which we live in and to interpret why people behave the way they do in the context of the existing social norms. In sociology, rational choice theory and the institutional paradigm aid us in exploring various social aspects in clear detail. The key… View Article

Theories of Cognitive Development by Piaget and Vygotsky

Jean Piaget’s and Lev Semionovich Vygotsky’s theories on cognitive development both play a significant role in addressing the intellectual growth of children (Lain, 2006). Psychologists and educators alike, rely on these theories in constructing the standards by which children are being brought up and taught today. Essentially, cognitive development is the process by which our… View Article

Language Acquistion Theories

Bridging two worlds : Reading comprehension , figurative language instruction , and the English language learner ‘ Name University Introduction Many students in American schools today speak English as a foreign language . The English language learner (ELL ) finds that English contains words and phrases that may seem confusing because of the disparity between… View Article

The Dispositional and Learning Theories

An individual’s personality is his/her distinctive pattern behavioral tendencies or psychological process that defines how he/she reacts with the environment. Personality manifests itself in one’s behavior towards others people and situations in the surrounding. While some aspects of personality are genetically inherited, others are picked from one’s environment. Personality that is influenced by the environment… View Article

Latest Earth Theories

Plate tectonics rend to describe the huge scale motions of the earth’s lithosphere. The theory actually encompasses old concepts of the continental drift developed in the twentieth century and seafloor distribution hence it was clearly understood from the year 1960. The modern theory states that the lithospheric plate movement means the continental drift and it… View Article

Psychological Theories of Pedophilia and Ephebophilia

The problem of pedophilia and ephebophilia was recently highlighted with the successive scandals involving many catholic priests who allegedly abused children and minors. Although the problem was sensationalized with the recent scandals, it must be noted that it is not limited to the catholic clergy as “It’s a problem that strikes anywhere, every walk of… View Article

Psychodynamic Personality Theories

Contemporary society is intrigued with the notion of human behavior as it expresses itself in our personality. Psychoanalytic model is most noted for introspective strategies such as depth interviewing and projective techniques, which have emanated from its theoretical perspective. Classical psychoanalytic conceptualization approached the study of character or personality in two very different ways, each… View Article

Behavioral Genetics

When I’ve learned about Behavioral Genetics in Chapter 8, the first thing that came across my mind was the fantasy of having a twin. It’s crazy but it occupied my mind for quite some time. What if I had a twin? Would she be like me? I’ve always believed that identical twins share the same… View Article

Family and the Sociological Theories

Since time immemorial, men have been petrified by sociology. The most basic definition of sociology is the study of human social behavior and grouping (Alexander, 1982). Sociology largely focuses on social relationships and the ramifications of these relationships on peoples’ behavior. There have been numerous attempts to understand and explain seemingly challenging situations in a… View Article