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The tension rises and falls Essay

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The tension rises and falls

The Italian-American Carbone Family live in a poor and humble area, just over Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan. Although American the Carbone’s still have their Italian values and live a Conservative Italian lifestyle. This play is in part about family values, and how two different cultures clash when Catherine and Rodolfo fall in love. But on a more perspective view, it is also about a tragic hero Eddie Carbone and his love for his step-daughter Catherine. This ‘LOVE ‘is not a father to daughter love but a husband to wife love, a love that is not meant to be there. A love to powerful for Eddie to give up.

Eddie, the main character of this play is a longshoreman from a conservative background in Sicily. He lives with his wife Beatrice and their step-daughter Catherine. Where he came from there are very firm social and moral issues. The scene that I am going to study is when the Carbone family and their to guests from Sicily have just eaten their evening meal and are having a pleasant conversation at first, but underlying tensions soon begin to build up. The beginning of the scene originally suggests a happy family atmosphere, though we wonder if Eddie is over-protective of Catherine.

But recently Beatrice’s cousins are coming to stay illegally in America over from Sicily. The two cousins arrive, Marco and Rodolfo. Marco simply speaks of the poverty back home and Rodolfo not a typical Italian by his appearance or personality talks about how he can sing and plans to buy a motorbike. Rodolfo’s singing of Paper Doll’s delights Catherine, who obviously is attracted to him. But soon this relationship develops, much to the distress of Eddie who himself is in love with Catherine. He can not express or admit his love as keeps them repressed.

The scene starts with a nice after dinner conversation but tension is beginning to build up. The argument starts when Eddie raises the point about submarines, slang name for illegal immigrants. “I betcha there’s plenty of surprises when those guys get back there, heh? ‘” He said this to provoke Rodolfo because he knows that Catherine has her eye on him and to bring up the issues of American values and how wearing a “shawl” doesn’t mean that a girl is strict. But to Eddie’s disapproval the comment failed to offend Rodolfo.

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