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The Sherlock Holmes stories Essay

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The Sherlock Holmes stories

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes are classic, timeless and popular stories that are read all over the world, although over one hundred years old. The unusual plots and diversity of characters are just two of the appealing qualities they have to offer. A modern reader would enjoy the tales as it proves a challenge to predict the outcome of each and every story. For example in “The Red-headed League”, you would never have expected Mr Jabez Wilson’s able and hard working assistant in his pawn-broker shop to have been the culprit for the crime and also to be connected with the actual red-headed league.

It was later obvious that he only worked with Mr Wilson because his shop was exceedingly near the bank which was a tunnel’s distance away. I believe that a modern reader would enjoy this aspect of each story as it always keeps every possible person a suspect. Rarely is it the person you suspect it is, so you are totally surprised at the outcome on discovering who the culprit actually is. Outcomes which are hard to predict always keeps the reader in suspense and wanting to know more are more.

Having these surprising outcomes is usually the most exciting part of the stories. A further point of enjoyment is the diversity that Conan Doyle creates in each of his characters. For instance you have Sherlock Holmes, the genius of detective work and intellectually superb, almost a super-human figure. His sidekick, Dr Watson, is a character modern readers can relate to as ‘one of us’. Although not as clever as Holmes, he is kind and loyal to him, proves to be a brilliant narrator of the stories and works in a methodical way throughout.

Although the two characters are extremely different from one another, this does not affect their relationship, as they prove to work in a dynamic, crime solving team throughout. Conan Doyle also portrays a dark, evil side to life; this is shown through Dr Grimesby Roylott. He is cunning and only cares about himself; he even goes as far as killing his own stepdaughter and attempts to kill the other. These three characters that Conan Doyle introduces us to, provides the readers with enjoyment and fulfilment. As they seem to come to life and you can imagine Holmes and Watson solving these challenging crimes.

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