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The Rivers of Bangladesh Essay

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The Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of rivers and rivulets. These rivers are the blessings of Creator and pride to us. From high above they look like silvery lines crisscrossed over the green land of our country. Almost all the rivers of our country are originated from the Himalayas and flow into the Bay of Bengal. The main rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Karnaphuli. They flow over our land with their unique way and wash their banks and make our country greener. The rivers are closely related to our economy and the prosperity of our country. Ours is an agricultural country and our cultivation largely depended on rivers. They make our land alluvial and fertile by scattering silt over them. These supply water to the lands during dry season through irrigation. The Water Development Board has already implemented big irrigation projects like the Gangas-Kabodak project, the Teesta project, the Muhuri River project and so on.

The rivers provided us with fishes which is our chief protein diet. About half a million people live by fishing which help to solve the unemployment problem. Dried fish are exported and earn a lot of foreign exchange. Our rivers are also an important means of communication. As most of the rivers are navigable, they are used for carrying people and goods from one place to another and river-ways are cheaper than other transports. For this reason, industrialization and urbanization has built up centering the rivers. The river port of Narayanganj is called the Dundee of Bangladesh for its great importance. The two sea ports; the Chittagong port on the Karnaphuli and the Mangla port on the Pashur play an important role in our export and import sector.

The rivers are also a great source of energy. Most rivers in the Northeast region are used to produce electricity. The Karnaphuli Hydroelectric project is an instant of this and it is tamed by putting a dam across it at Kaptai and 140 M. W. electricity is produced. Our rivers have a great influence on our lifestyle, culture and literature. Many of our poets, writers and artists have got their inspiration in forming their creations from the beauty and majesty of the rivers. The legendary novels like “Padmanodir Majhi”, “Titas Ekti Nodir Nam”; famous sonnet “Kopotakkho Nod” and many other conceptions have been created centering the rivers. With the proper utilization, dredging and checking pollution the rivers can be more beneficial to us. The rivers are doing their job, now it is our turn to get the best from them and make our land better than ever.

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