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The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency Summary Essay

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The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency Summary


It was not that long ago that what transpired at home was considered a secretive, a personal matter and was not looked at by the public. Within the last few years, there has been an rise in awareness of the importance of child abuse and negligence, spouse/partner mistreatment, and elder cruelty not only as serious societal problems but also as crimes. The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency was step up to help individuals break through the barriers.

Overview of the Program

The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is a non-profit organization that is based out of Portland Oregon. With this program, they will empower survivors, promote recovery through direct services, and reduce victim trauma. They will support the health of their clients. Along with providing help for the young people whom have been in the legal system, and reduce the prevalence of domestic violence through increased service provision, awareness, and education.


Assessments are an important tool for any organization especially for the PEACE agency they are used to expand their abilities to obtain future funding, validate its accountability, fulfill objectives, and enhance its operation. For the PEACE agency, using an empowerment approach will help program staff to understand the effectiveness of the program in which they serve by assessing the clients’ observation of the program activities, identifying the program’s long-term impact, the progresses, success, and by monitoring the activities to validate the program’s accomplishments. An effective project evaluation plan will recapture the program’s purpose and will guarantee the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency can continue to accomplish its mission by reducing the incidents of domestic violence and help to promote recovery through education and awareness.

Needs and Problem Statement

The specific aims is one of the many steps the PEACE Agency will need when requesting a grant. This piece includes as subcategories of the needs and problem statement. This is where the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will express the importance of knowing what they are doing and why they are doing it. They should state how the city of Portland is experiencing increasing reports of spousal and child abuse, assault, and incidents of road rage, domestic and youth violence, and the effects it has on the people. Then they will summarize how their direct services and education will help the target these areas.

A needs and problem statement should be something like this, “It was not that long ago that what happened at home was considered a private, family matter and was excluded from scrutiny by the public. Within the last few decades, there has been an increase in awareness of the seriousness of child abuse and neglect, spouse/partner abuse, and elder abuse not only as critical societal problems but also as crimes.” When it comes to a literature review this is where data is used to fill and rational what is happening. It tells the history and the current views of the problem or need in order to give the reader a better understanding and appreciation of the problem or need.

Program Planning

According to our reading, program planning is an organized process where a set of coordinated activities or interventions is developed to address and facilitate change in some or all of the identified problems. (Yuen/Terao, 2003) Program planning is something that never stops every organization uses program planning to continually make thing better. Every organization uses program planning to develop their current program and new programs. All programs planning it is important that you have a goal set bases on the needs and the problems that you are trying to work on. Our text also states, “Program planning not only concerns what will happen, it also involves the assessment of what has happened and what really would have happened.

It is by design and by its very nature related to needs assessment and program evaluation. Needs or problems assessment is the necessary and fundamental step for any successful program planning.” (Yuen/Terao, 2003) “A program and evaluation of a program are not separate activities. When planned carefully, these two set of activities can be integrated into an organized set of ongoing operations that promote and support each other.” (Mika, 1996, p. 6)

Alternative Funding

The PEACE Domestic Violence agency needs to look at way to find funding especially when detecting the demanding needs of funding and present unbearable conditions. The PEACE Domestic Violence agency normal gets their funding form grants issued by the National Foundation funding Program. With this funding, the agency will move forward and continue to make an effort when they are trying to reach its objective which is promoting the safety of young men, women and children whose lively-hood not on relies on it, nevertheless they are subjective by domestic violence on a day to day basis. The objective is to lessen the numbers of domestic violence attach through education, heightened awareness, and service requirement. The PEACE Domestic Violence agency will always want to continue submitting applications to their “Stakeholders Program”. When it comes to a funding course that is set up to supporting many other businesses that are under the same objective within the Supporting Families plan this takes about three years and can produce $150,000 yearly.


When someone wants to build a human service organization, they will need the data collected from numerous programs with the initial organization planning. They will need to provide objectives for issues that surround the project and an outline of how to ultimately reach the goal of building this system for an operational organization that is attributed by many stages such as: Phase I: Categorized documentation of instructions for the project Law enforcement cases of any domestic violence statistics for the region, the targeted culture, or ethnicity, age group, and complaint numbers for issue (HHS, 2014). Phase II: Member forms a quantitative research data for the project to commence. Phase III: Gather information for the victims who contributed in the study along with any criticism to decide a cause or constancy.

Phase IV: A series of ethnographic inquiries of incidences that will need to be used in future projects that intention to qualitative data research taken in long-term views to provide the efficiency of the programs. Phase V: Logs of all activity, related documents, meetings, project bids for the quantitative data analysis for its demographic approach. Furthermore, the recovery in the evaluation team, they will look into the damage peace, the internal perspective of a clinician practitioner, and a psychological expert. (HHS, 2014) The PEACE of Domestic Violence agency will make sure the confidentiality of the facts given by the individual in the study, and the supervisor stores all the data on files only for the evaluation team to view. There are legal things that need complying with along with ethics and processes that the state requires.

The foundation of the budget report having the monthly expenses being seven thousand dollars that will pay off short-term employees of one manager and six employees, victim resources, and office supplies. There will be a forty percent grant to help the organization of the Stakeholder Program covering an annual seventy one thousand dollars. Regarding the need supporting the assets and the catastrophic, the agency needs the National Foundation for its organization aid. The agency will promotes safety for domestic violence victims and their families and aid each potential avenue that supports the objective.

There will be fewer incidences of violence with the implementing of positive education, and precautionary training. The PEACE agency will continue with an investment for the program, by providing support given by separate corporations for the supportable program that will cover three years and roughly one hundred twenty five thousand dollars per year. The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency recommends the grant to cover the costs of servicing, administration, and population parameters. The money for the infrastructure of the organization resources include; operating costs, wage compensation, transportation, and legal assistance (HHS, 2014).


The evaluation plan for the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will be a project-wide evaluation using the empowerment methodology. This form of evaluation plan will work seamlessly with the agency’s domestic violence program since it provides structure for the big picture and focuses on the tenacity of the program. As well as it involves program staff in the evaluation development and implementation, this enables them to feel invested in the program. The first phase in developing this type of plan is to “identify the answer to the big question”. (Yuen & Terao, 2003, p.53) Therefore, in the case of the PEACE agency, it would be finding out whether or not the instances of domestic violence can be reduced and in what way. Another question could be whether educating people about domestic violence plays a key role in stopping it.

Our evaluation plan will include both process and outcome evaluation by getting the papers of activities made, and assembly the material from a wide-ranging of sources to allow the agency to indicate “what benefits were achieved as a result of the services provided” (Yuen & Terao, 2003, p.53). PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is going to have to evaluate what programs are helping these families and individuals on monthly bases. If there is part of their program that is not helping or that could us more focus they need to know as soon as possible this way they can focus on other things.

An example would be if the there is not a prison they may not need to focus as much on the helping of prisoner families compared to the crime has gone up in the area over domestic violence so they need to focus more on those programs within their organization. Knowing where to focus their strengths in is most agencies battle therefore good planning and evaluations it where you need to really pay close attention to.


Each year, too many people have been affected and are still being affected by violence, abuse, and rage. According to Rotary Club of Portland, “more than 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the U.S. are physically, emotionally, or sexually abused in their lifetime. Domestic violence affects people of all ages, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation. You have already met numerous survivors of abuse. They are all around you.” (Designs, 2012) Statistics like these can be found all over the country but ever since the factories shut down, the residents of the city of Portland have experienced a higher increase of such incidents.

Ignoring this sudden steady increase of violence, abuse, and rage in the city of Portland will destroy the families that make Portland what it is. The children will grow up witnessing all types of violence and abuse and will increase their likelihood to become abusers themselves. Stepping in now will help teach the community that domestic abuse is not acceptable for any reason.

The victims of abuse will have help in recovery and a chance to break the cycle from continuing on to the next generation. There has been some success in decreasing incidents of abuse through education. Counseling has also been effective in helping victims become survivors. These methods will be successful in Portland as well. The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency intend to add some self-help classes to overcome potential barriers of culture and stress but our most promising intervention will be our shelter. This will provide a way out for the victims who feel trapped.

Designs, E. (2012). Domestic Violence Solutions . Retrieved May 31, 2014, from Rotary Club of Portland: http://rotarypdx.org/outreach/service/domestic-violence-solutions HHS. ( 2014). Retrieved from Department of Health and Human Services of maltreatment child exploitation: http://www.childwelfare.gov/pubs/reslist/rl_dsp.cfm?rs_id=21&rate_chno=19-00044 Yuen/Terao. (2003). Practical Grant Writing and Program Evaluation,. Brooks/Cole.

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