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The Opening Part Of The Play Essay

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The Opening Part Of The Play

What Do We Learn Of Eddies Character In The Opening Part Of The Play Eddie depicts America, because like America he is a contradiction. Reflecting the positive aspect he is loyal, protective and compassionate towards his family, however in contrary he is sometimes misunderstood as insensitive, demanding and overprotecting. From the text we gain an understanding of these numerous characteristics, and Arthur Miller clearly gives us a clear understanding of the contradicting America.

From the start of the play it is evident that Eddie speaks in quite a blunt and insensitive tone, which leads our first impressions to believe that this is reflected upon a blunt and insensitive character. He says to Catherine: ‘And what happened to your hair?… You look like one of them girls that went to college’. This seems quite insensitive of Eddie to ask Catherine ‘what happened to your hair’ because it sounds quite negative and intimidating.

Additionally the second quote shows that he is a man that lives in poverty, reflected by the knowledge that he works on a ship. Furthermore Eddie’s attitude towards life seems quite negative, and when he explains the dangers of life to Catherine we see quite a paranoid side to him. He explains: ‘Believe me, Katie, the less you trust, the less you be sorry’. Arthur Miller gives us an insight into American attitudes in the 1950’s, which are paranoid and suspicious, reflected by Eddies negative views of trusting others.

Additionally his attitude can seem quite ignorant, which is illustrated where he remarks: ‘You don’t see nothin’ and you don’t know nothin’. ‘ Ignorance in the 1950’s seems to be an additional aspect which Miller informs us about through Eddie’s explanation of the world to Catherine. Additionally this ignorance leads us to forebode illegal actions and misconduct. Additionally his dominating and intimidating tone is shown where he argues with Catherine about her appearance, and says: ‘Now don’t aggravate me, Katie…

I don’t like the looks they’re giving you in the candy store. ‘ This makes Eddie seem like he does not understand circumstances at the time because of Catherine’s response where she says ‘Those guys look at all those girls’. In contrary to this it illustrates that Eddie is compassionate towards his family, and this overprotective side of him is only present because he wants the best future for them. This is evident where he says: ”You’ll never get nowheres unless you finish school. You can’t take no job… ‘

Although his tone is definite and does not seem negotiable, he tells Catherine this with her best interests at heart. This gives us the opinion that he is quite realistic and protective over his family, and it shows his compassion towards them. Furthermore this illustrates that he is misunderstood and, like America, he is a contradiction, because deep inside he is compassionate and realistic, but he shows himself to be a ‘real man’ and ‘machismo’, which sometimes leads us to have a misguided impression of him’.

America is depicted by Eddie because he expresses himself to be ‘machismo’, but, like America, he is a contradiction, and this is shown where we see him to be protective and compassionate towards his family. His ignorant and suspicious views reflects circumstances of Americans in the 1950’s, but in contrary he is realistic and tries to provide Catherine with a well – maintained future.

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