The Odyssey Essay Examples

Critical Analysis of a Passage from Homer’s The Odyssey

I. This passage comes very early in the Telemachy and it is wholly descriptive. The first point of interest is the arrival of Athene to Telemachos’ home in Ithaca. Disguised as Mentes’, leader of the Taphians and an old friend of Odysseus. Telemachos is the first to greet Athene as it would appear all the… View Article

Odysseus as an Epic Hero

What is an epic hero? Homers’ “Odyssey” is about an epic hero named Odysseus and his quest home. “The Odyssey” begins after the Trojan war had left Odysseus trapped, pointlessly seafaring for 10 years after angering Poseidon, the god of the sea. He tries desperately to return home to Ithaka and his wife, Penelope, and… View Article

“Penelope” by Dorothy Parker

After embarking on the literary journey that is “The Odyssey”, I decided to tackle this poem by Dorothy Parker. Although short in length, the poem was deceptively challenging due to the unraveling of symbolism within the words. Embedded within the short sentences were insightful references to seemingly ordinary objects, such as the sea, the sun,… View Article


In the poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, 3 strong character traits of Odysseus, the main character, are demonstrated. Homer makes all of these traits very clear, they can be qualified as good or bad traits. Homer displays these traits constantly but in different ways. In other words, his weakness hurt him but his quick thinking… View Article

Homers The Odyssey

Homer’s The Odyssey is one of the most valued and highly regarded classic stories in the world of literature. Coming from the grandiose and mysterious world and era of the Greek mythology, The Odyssey has been seen to be one of the greatest stories that dealt about heroes, tragedies, gods and goddesses and adventurous journeys…. View Article

Redemtive Vilonce in the Odyssey by Homer

The myth of redemptive violence is one that is told throughout history. It is one in which violence is the creator. Whether it be creation of the cosmos, peace, or some other result, in this myth violence results in redemption. This myth has been imbedded in our society to such a degree that it is… View Article

Exile in the Odyssey

In antiquity, the civilized world was settled around the Mediterranean Basin – the foundations of Western society can be traced to Hellenic Greece, which bordered the Aegean Sea. For the Greeks, the sea was the realm of the gods. In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus and he crew face many trials and tribulations that isolate… View Article

The Odyssey

Hunger, whether a literal hunger or a hunger for power has always been a downfall for humankind. In the Odyssey hunger destroys the lives of many men. Even though the Odyssey is just an epic it reflects in many ways how hunger can ruin and sometimes even destroy someone’s life. In history, hunger has shown… View Article

Cougar or Coyote

The trickster is an important archetype in any religion or myth because it provides an outlet for all of the chaotic and destructive emotions and tendencies of a people that are controlled by a larger social construct. It is through a trickster figure that people of a religion or society are able to explore the… View Article