The Importance of Lesson Planning Essay

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The Importance of Lesson Planning

Lesson planning is important because it is an essential tool creates an optimum learning environment. By the words itself, it serves a guide for teachers in how to conduct their lesson. The essential elements of lesson plan maps out the relevance and importance of each of the learning activities to the learning objectives.

Posner (2003) reiterates its importance in the implementation of the curriculum. Lesson plans should reflect how the curriculum goals are to be achieved. It is a comprehensive, cohesive and intensive breakdown of the learning goals into skills and task. Second, it ensures continuity of learning for the subject, as well as the integration of skills and knowledge across the curriculum.

Third, it is serves as a tool for evaluation. Evaluation is not just for students. Evaluation should be done in all stakeholders of education. It provides information on the effectiveness and efficiency of methodology, materials and instructional approach utilized. Education psychologists assert the study of learning should be scientific and systematic.

Learning should not merely focus on the output alone but rather the method used as well. Instruction as well the manner that it is delivered has a direct relationship to student performance. It reflects the teachers’ ability, expertise and versatility in terms of lesson delivery. There is a gamut of learning strategies that teachers can utilize. Lesson plans could also become tools for mentoring and coaching teachers. Planning and implementation evaluation should provide insights to educator what works and what does not. (Marzano, 2003)

Lesson plans are important because it is a guide and tool for learning. An effective learning environment is one that had been carefully planned. If learners are exposed to the most appropriate instructions and the appropriate level optimum learning is made possible.


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