The Happy Prince

Who wrote “The Happy Prince”?
Oscar Wilde

Where was the author born?

To what country is the swallow flying before he meets the statue of The Happy Prince?

What is the predominant theme in “The Happy Prince? In what ways is the theme highlighted in the story?
selfishness va selflessness. The swallow gave his life to help others and to be with the statue. The statue gave away what made him beautiful to help others

What possessions does the statue give away?
a ruby from his sword, his gold and his sapphire eyes

What does the swallow fall in love with before he meets the statue? Why does the swallow leave?
a reed, she couldn’t go with him

How does the swallow meet the statue?
slept under it

What does God declare as the most precious things in the city? Why?
swallow and lead heart, they loved each other

What gifts does the swallow demonstrate? How?
fly, help statue and people. loyalty, listened to the statue and stuck with him. service, to the statue

What gifts does the statue demonstrate? How?
Generousity, gave precious jewels away. Compassion, on the people. Wealth/beauty, gave it away to help others (selflessness).

What is the definition of a preposition?
a word that shows the relationship between the object (OP) and another word in the sentence