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The Explaintion of 3 Orientations of Religion Essay

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The Explaintion of 3 Orientations of Religion

First I will begin discussion of the explaination of sacramental orientation. When you think of sacramental, you most likely think of a sacrafice or some kind of rituals. Sacramental orientation practices rituals or ceremonies. Most of all religions practice some kind of sacramentation. Whether it be the catholic cross, the rites of passage in Hinduism, or foot washing in the early times before and after Jesus Christ in Protestant Christianity. Another form of sacrafice was in the Temple of God performed by the high priest. There are definately many different kinds of sacramental orientations. You just have to study religions to find them all. Sacramental orientation is not a hard concept like prophetic orientation may very well be one of the hardest points for people to fully understand. Basically, in prophetic orientation there is simply someone like a middle man to connect the people to the sacred. The “middle man” is referred to as a prophet or sometimes may also be referred to as a priest. Many people may not understand prophetic orientation.

Especially if they do not believe in the sacred as in Protestant Christian (God), Buddhism (Buddha), or Taoism (Lao Tze). Even though in Judaism, Protestant Christian, and Islam, prophetic orientation is acually a prominent aspect, it is not prominent in mystical orientation. Which brings me to my next and final point. Mystical orientation is emmensely prominent in Daoism, some schools of Buddhism, and the specific kind of Hinduism known as Upanishadic Hinuism. Mystical may make you think of magic, magicians, or mystery. But again, like I said in sacramental orientation, it is far from that. There is way more you could say about mystical orientation that would make them want to learn more about different religions. There is no magic or mystery or magicians, just peace and meditation.

Meditation is one major form of mystical orientation that may connect you to “the process of nature.” As you look in to mystical orientation more you find things people may never understand. As you may know, mystical orientation is more prominent in most religions, but that does not mean all of them believe in it too. I have come to understand that in some religions meditation is associated with other religions gods and are forbidden to be practiced for that form of religion. Again, it may be a hard concept when you think that inner peace is necessary and it is forbidden by God or gods. But we all can definately have the form of mystical orientation as the gods or God has.

This concludes my explaination of sacramental orientation, mystical orientation, and prophetic orientation. Even if all these concepts may come easy to you or may be hard to grasp. They all have one thing in common, Religion. No matter how big or how small, how in depth you explain it or how well you can pronouce a single religion. They all have their unique aspects along with many other things that are alike. There may be seven religions that believe one thing that another eight do not believe. This all just depends on the religions aspect of belief. This goes along as well with all three orientations of religion. Hopefully now we all have a greater understanding of religions.

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