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The Decision That Changed My Life Essay

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The Decision That Changed My Life

I consider my self being a girly-girl and tom-boyish. Sometimes one side would be stronger than the other. For example, as if I were to go shopping, I could do that all day. But yet if my guy friends were to ask me to go play with them football or tag, I wouldn’t mind getting down and dirty. For example, when I was younger my mother would take me to her hula classes. I would usually join in when they start to do the warm ups. Then around the age 7 my mother took me to my first official hula class. That’s when I started to learn how to dance hula and learn more about my culture.

So I consider this to be my girl side because this involves a lot of smiling, gracefulness, beauty, and a little sexiness. You’re basically using your eyes and facial expression to capture your audience’s attention. So this is my girly side. My tom-boyish side on the other hand is Chinese martial arts. I started to take martial arts around same time I started to do hula. Martial arts, I consider to be tom boyish because it involves a lot of strength in body & mind, physical contact, sweating, and pushing yourself to your limits. With body & mind our instructors pushes us to our limits to make us stronger.

They would yell and scream at us which made us fear yet hate them at the same time. We would want to push ourselves so they would shut up and show that we can do it. There’s also a lot of physical contact to the put we get bruises from blocking & punching. Usually, you would think girls are weak but in kung fu it makes you tough. So that’s why I consider myself to be tom-boyish but yet girly girl because I can be graceful but strong. I see it as yin and yang. The two balances each other out because of one is the complete opposite of itself. This starts off my story in the beginning of something totally crazy. So one day at.

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