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The death of Eddie Carbone Essay

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The death of Eddie Carbone

Once Alfieri has told the audience of things to come, the play starts to unfold. The beginning shows Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine to be a tight knit family who love and care for each other, Eddie seems to care for Catherine a lot. He tells her “Katie, I promised your mother on her deathbed, I’m responsible for you”. There is a close and caring relationship between Eddie and Catherine but there are tensions below the surface and the arrival of Beatrice’s Italian cousins release these tensions which finally destroy the family and Eddie himself.

Eddie Carbone at the beginning of the play had no problems with sheltering the immigrants, which makes it so hard to believe that the two cousins played a big part in his own destruction. He says to his wife “It’s an honour, B, I mean it I was just thinking before comin’ home, suppose my father didn’t come to this country”. This shows you that Eddie wants to look after these two men and understands why they need to be here. They are part of his community.

Further into Act One Eddie Carbone tells the story of Vinny Bolzano and explains to Beatrice and Catherine what happened to him when he betrayed his own family. Eddie made sure they knew the consequences of talking to the immigration bureau. Vinny Bolzano was only fourteen when he was disowned by his whole family. Eddie makes sure it’s clear none of them snitch: “just remember, kid, you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word that you gave away”. Eddie believes in his word, he makes sure Beatrice and Catherine understand him and believe him.

Alfieri’s next speech to the audience doesn’t give you a lot of information but it does leave you in suspense and makes you wonder about the cousins. “And toward ten o’clock of that night, after they had eaten, the cousins came”. His words make you believe the cousins in some way are the cause of the unstoppable trouble which leads to the shedding of blood. When the two brothers Rodolfo and Marco arrive, almost immediately there seems to be some tension between Rodolfo and Eddie. This comes about straight away as Catherine seems to pay a lot of attention to him and vice versa.

She responds to his appearance: “He’s a real blond! ” She notices every little thing about him which makes Eddie uneasy and aggertated. Eddie doesn’t think much of Rodolfo and in many ways Rodolfo plays a major role in Eddie’s death. Eddie Carbone becomes very jealous when Catherine and Rodolfo go out it seems to trouble him deeply “I aint gonna stand around lookin’ at that. For that character I didn’t bring her up”. Eddie doesn’t think Rodolfo’s good enough for her and this is the start of Eddie’s jealousy and anger.

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