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The Bridge at Dong Ha Essay

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The Bridge at Dong Ha

Book Report: The Bridge at Dong Ha The Courageous actions of Captain Ripley The book The Bridge at Dong Ha is an extremely inspiring book full of great life lessons. In the book the reader is told the story of two United States Marines who work together to accomplish a task that to many would seem impossible. When faced with the situation at the bridge and all the struggles the two marines had to go through they never let it discourage them they kept trying their hardest to accomplish the mission they had set out to do.

When arriving at Dong Ha the men went in with the attitude that no matter what happened no matter what they were faced with they would never stop fighting, never surrender. The men were prepared to fight until the end even if that meant death, they were confident in themselves that is the way we should all do everything no matter how big or small the task we should go in with confidence and the attitude that no matter what we won’t give up and we are going to be the best we can possibly do. Do what you came to do. Performance counts, nothing else matters. ” That great quote has many meaning behind it, it tells us not to get distracted by things that hold no relevance to the situation, don’t be thinking about where you want to be or what you could be doing because the fact of the matter is that you are there and need be focused on what you need to be doing.

When Captain Ripley was faced with the treacherous task of placing explosives on the bridge to slow down the North Vietnamese he kept the attitude that no matter what he was going to get the job done and do it right. While making the journey back and forth carrying explosives Captain Ripley was being shot at and even though they may have slowed him down he didn’t let it stop him. While setting up the explosives he made sure to go by the book and use all the training he had receives thus far in his career and in the end it all paid off.

All in all Captain John Ripley displayed a stupendous amount of courage and perseverance. I think everyone can take something from this book. This book is very inspiring and motivating. I would recommend this book to anyone. The never give up attitude displayed by these men in this book gave me the chills. After reading this book, I have a much different perspective on things in this world.

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